Inkbound Drops Microtransactions in Upcoming Update: Embracing Industry Trends and Player Sentiment

2023-10-16 13:21:04

The title will remove microtransactions in an upcoming major update. Article: Ben Lyons – Gamereactor.cnMonster Train developer Shiny Shoe has announced that its early access game Inkbound will soon undergo a pretty big change. The game will abandon its in-game monetization efforts, all in an effort to follow trends in the industry and player sentiment. As noted in a Steam blog post, we’re told that the upgrade pass will be removed and the previous content will become cosmetic-only optional support pack DLC sold on Steam. In addition to this, the in-game currency known as Shinies is being changed to Vault Dust, which can now only be earned by playing the game and can be used to obtain cosmetic items. Players who have purchased Shines in the past will also receive twice the Vault Dust reward, regardless of whether the Shiny is spent. Finally, to ensure players get a wide variety of cosmetic items, chests will occasionally be available upon defeating the Guardian which will award random cosmetic rewards you don’t already have. All these changes will take effect starting on October 27, 2023, when Inkbound’s next major update arrives. The game is scheduled to leave Early Access sometime next year. Source:
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