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An inmate who was evacuated to a clinic in the district of , escaped from the medical establishment with the help of four . The agents who were guarding the inmate were attacked by the that unleashed a in the district.

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The inmate identified as Genaro Agustin Aguilar had been transferred framed to the Limatambo Clinic, when four of his accomplices attacked the two officers of the National Penitentiary Institute (Inpe) who were guarding the inmate, even one of them was wounded by a gunshot.

Criminals searched for the prisoner

The criminals They arrived on motorcycles and broke into the clinic located in block 27 of the Av. Próceres.

Photo: Leandro Britto / @ photo.gec

Evildoers they entered through the emergency door from the medical establishment, then they searched for the inmate and helped him escape, even though he had handcuffs. To repel, the criminals fired several shots through several blocks of the district.

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Crime of human trafficking

Genaro Agustin Aguilar He was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the crime of human trafficking and detained in 2018 in the Castro Castro prison.

As reported by Canal N, the inmate was taken to the medical establishment to have a TBC scan.


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