Innovation 2023: Intel reveals details of new Xeon processors and expands Developer Cloud

2023-09-19 10:35:00

On this first day of Intel Innovation 2023, the chip developer made a series of announcements in the hardware and cloud market. The highlights are the details of the next generation of Intel Xeon processors, in addition to the expanded availability of the Intel Developer Cloud.

The company further confirmed that its process technology plan of five nodes in four years remains on track. The Intel 7 process is in high-volume production, with the Intel 4 ready for manufacturing and the Intel 3 expected later this year.

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The company also demonstrated the first multichip that uses Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) interconnections. This standard – supported by more than 120 companies – will allow chips from different vendors to work together, enabling new designs in expanding AI workloads.

The test chip brought together an Intel UCIe IP chiplet on the Intel 3 process and a Synopsys UCIe IP on the TSMC N3E. Both are connected via advanced multi-die interconnect bridge (EMIB) packaging technology.

5th generation Intel Xeon

Intel also gave a preview of the fifth generation of Intel Xeon processors. The hardware will combine performance improvements with faster memory, without using more energy to do so. The company confirmed that the CPUs will arrive in data centers when they are launched on December 14th.

The Sierra Forest family, with efficient E-core, will arrive in the first half of 2024 and will deliver 2.5 times better rack density and 2.4 times better performance per Watt, compared to the previous generation, in addition to a version with 288 cores.

The Granite Rapids series, with a performance P-core, will offer two to three times more AI performance compared to the 4th generation Xeon. The expected arrival date is close to that of Sierra Forest.

For 2025, Intel still plans to launch the next generation of Xeon with E-core, codenamed Clearwater Forest and will be produced using the Intel 18A process.


Intel also announced what it called an “AI PC,” a computer focused on an Artificial Intelligence experience. It will come equipped with the upcoming Intel Core Ultra processors from the Meteor Lake family, as well as the first integrated NPU, to improve energy efficiency in AI acceleration and local inference.

Scheduled to launch on December 14th this year, the Core Ultra will feature Foveros packaging technology, as well as Intel 4 technology and integrated Intel Arc graphics, for better video performance.

Intel Developer Cloud

Introduced in 2022 with limited access, Intel Developer Cloud will now be generally available. This means that interested developers will be able to build and test high-performance applications, such as AI, with details already in use by customers.

The cloud solution includes Intel Gaudi2 processors for deep learning, as well as 5th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Data Center Max Series 1100 and 1550 GPUs. It is based on open software with oneAPI architecture.

Also for developers, Intel announced the launch of the OpenVINO toolkit, with optimized models previously trained for integration with different operating systems and cloud solutions.

To top it off, the Strata Project will be launched in 2024, with modular blocks, premium service and support offerings. The solution will allow professionals to create, deploy, run, manage, connect and protect infrastructure edge and applications.

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