Innovation as the engine of the new energy model

That innovation is capable of transforming and improving all kinds of processes is not something that catches us off guard. Nor is it capable of bringing new products to the market that we later consume in mass. What is, without a doubt, extraordinary is that innovation can also transform our model of society.

Innovation has managed to change our way of life and our daily behavior. Now it seems unthinkable not to be able to order food from our favorite restaurant at home, when not long ago there were barely four chains that made it possible. Similarly, we do not conceive that the mobile phone does not have an internet connection; that our bank account cannot be managed from home; or not having all kinds of series and movies on demand.

However, the energy sector seems to have been anchored in the last century, as if this social innovation had passed by. For whatever reasons, we still do not understand the electricity bill well, which makes it difficult for us to change the marketer with the same ease with which we change our telephone company.

We also continue to think that self-consumption is complicated, that it is charged with unfair taxes or that it is even illegal. And we continue to waste light and heat at home in the middle of 2020 due to the lack of digitalization in our homes. We have only changed certain habits in the mobility sector, thanks to the innovative car sharing solutions that are emerging in the big cities and the public administration's push to stop using the car.

But the reality is that it is not so difficult to change the electricity rate at home, nor is it illegal to produce your own electricity, nor is it so expensive to install a digital thermostat that best configures the heating cost of your home. What we need is a change of energy model. A new model in which the consumer stood at the center and it is he who demands the different solutions, by will and not by necessity, offered by the market. That is, the consumer assumes an active, and not passive, role as it has been until now.

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For this change to take place, it is necessary to bring the energy closer to the citizen and turn it into something attractive. Therefore, the energy sector must innovate. It has to offer easy and reliable solutions so that the consumer wants to install a self-consumption at home or, going even further, decides to invest a part of their savings in renewable energy generation.

Only in this way will we achieve a new energy model that has a change in consumption habits. And only in this way will we get energy to play the role it owes in the fight against climate change, innovating so that the consumer is closer to energy.

Nacho Bautista is general manager and founder of Fundeen. [TagsToTranslate] nacho

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