Innovations ensure a better gaming experience

( – In early June, Milestone will open a new chapter in the MotoGP franchise. On June 8th, 2023 the newest part, MotoGP 23for PC and consoles (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) and is intended to captivate MotoGP fans worldwide outside of the official races in front of the screen.

In 2023, the virtual MotoGP season on screen will be even better

The basis for this is the official riders and routes of the 2023 season for the categories MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and MotoE. Milestone counters the prejudice that long-standing series are usually just annual updates that have little or nothing new to offer apart from current seasonal data with a number of innovations. The information is accompanied by a announcement trailer and several Screenshots.

In the new career mode, players have the opportunity to interact with drivers, teams and manufacturers in a fictional social network. As in real life, here you can find friends, but also rivals who will behave differently during the races depending on how you behave on the social network. The way to the top should be even more challenging.

New career mode with friends and rivals

With the introduction of Turning Points, after debuting in Moto3, you can move up through the different classes faster in the latter part of the season based on your performances. However, finding a contract will not be easy as each team only has two spots available and players will have to compete with the official drivers to take their spot.

The Turning Points will also affect the development of the bikes during seasonal testing, with specific challenges to speed up development.

Unpredictable weather and neural driving system

Anything can happen in the rain and the outcome of a race can be rewritten

With the introduction of dynamic weather, a dry race can quickly turn into a wet chaos where skill and strategy can make all the difference. The race can thus be declared a flag-to-flag race (not available on Nintendo Switch), with the option to return to the pit lane and switch bikes to gain an advantage.

You don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to make your dreams come true. Thanks to the new neural driving aid system for braking, acceleration and handling, the gaming experience becomes more accessible and challenging, so that everyone can feel the thrill of real MotoGP, regardless of their initial skill level.

There’s also the acclaimed MotoGP Academy, which will help you learn the basics or perfect your own riding style with special training sessions.

Anyone interested in crossplay?

The so-called ranking list races are new in 2023

In the multiplayer area, the new MotoGP 23 now also relies on the Cross-Play feature, which – with the exception of the PC and Nintendo Switch versions – allows you to race with other players regardless of the platform and console generation.

The new ranked races are intended to ensure fair conditions in which to compete against other players of the same rank. And finally, two-player local splitscreen (not available on Nintendo Switch) returns for racing side-by-side on the couch together with friends.

Players who love to be creative can make their driver’s appearance even more unique with the editors for helmets, stickers, start numbers and seat patches, which offer even better options.

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