Innovative Parking Card Sparks Discussion on Driving Skills and Road Etiquette

2023-11-11 00:21:25

A netizen received a small card when he parked his car, telling him that his parking skills were poor. (Image/Pixabay)

Whether you are driving on the road or parking on the roadside, your driving skills are tested. A netizen shared that he was parking in the United States and received a “small card” when he was about to leave. After reading it carefully, he found out that the other person thought that his parking skills were poor and mocked him as a “idiot”; this matter was also shared online. Spark discussions on the road.

The netizen got a “small card” while parking in the United States. It also said, “Hey idiot! Your parking skills are terrible! Turn to the back to see why.” As a result, he saw “Parking over the line.” The option “too close to other people’s cars” was marked. It turned out that the other party was reminding him of the situation he should pay attention to when parking.

There are 12 options on the small card to inform the other party of the reasons for poor parking skills. (Picture/Reverse PTT)

You can see that there are many options on the small card, such as “not parking in the parking space”, “occupying more than one parking space”, “parking at the bus stop”, “parking on the sidewalk”, and “blocking the entrance and exit” , “stop at the reserved location” and so on.

Many netizens think this is a good way to avoid conflicts and praise it as a good invention. “It’s so excellent.” “I’m going to print a bunch of these little cards and put them in the glove box.” “There are options at the back. There are enough.” Exquisite”, “Taiwan should and must have it!!”, “Please give me a +1 for group buying”, “What a great little card”, “This is awesome!”, “Taiwan should print a “driver’s license to retake the exam” (?”

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