Punk Rock Party: INSANE HABITS, RESISTANT, VLUN @ Kramladen, Wien (23.03.2023)

At we are not only all big music fans, but we also try to get actively involved in the local rock, metal and punk scene. In addition to the numerous reviews, you have probably read one or two interviews and live reports from Austrian bands.

Together with my band INSANE HABITS I set up a small but nice punk rock party in the Viennese general store. With us we had the extremely likeable people from RESISTANT from Vienna and the very easy German punk trio VLUN from Salzburg.

At 6:00 p.m. we all gathered in the general store, three punk rock trios with a well-mixed character. The atmosphere among us was super relaxed right from the start and full of anticipation for the evening. Of course, every guitarist took their own AMP with them. We may have taken it to the extreme because Toby, the singer and guitarist of VLUN, had almost the same Orange amp as me and still wanted to play with his amp – guitarists, of course, he had brought it to Vienna from Salzburg.

After a short sound and line check we went RESISTANT the prelude. The room was filled immediately and the atmosphere was already boiling. It started right away with “HEY HEY HEY!” and so it was clear, let’s punk rock tonight. With a mixture of punk and ska, the first pogo was not long in coming. Chris, the lead singer, heated up the audience well and the extremely charming Vanz put on a groovy show on the bass and kept coming to the edge of the stage. Livijo, the band’s drummer, seemed a bit tired at first at the soundcheck, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. The guy cranked it up, used our drums properly with many rhythm changes and top-notch drum rolls, and that with one tom less.

insane habits resistant

After a brief remodeling, then VLUN from the city of Mozart go on stage. It started with German punk. Of course, serious songs and sarcasm shouldn’t be missing here, no violence against women and the widespread disease of work were just two of the topics. The guys recently took part in the protest song contest in Vienna and were therefore already in good shape. A bit quieter than RESISTANT, but no less energetic, the trio easily won over the audience. Toby on the guitar and Arnim on the bass let off steam on the vocals, while Joe set the rhythm in the background – straight forward German punk how it’s meant to be to dance along to.

insane habits vlun

Shortly before 10:00 p.m. it was time, my band INSANE HABITS, which I’ve been playing with since 2007, it was my turn. The audience was hot, sweaty, probably slightly tipsy and hungry for more. After the two strong performances by RESISTANT and VLUN we had to deliver. My brother Thomas got on stage first, sat down behind the drums and started pounding his drum solo. Meanwhile, Mark, our bass player, and I were still downstairs clapping along with the audience. After a few seconds we went on stage and got into our three-way jam session. At the beginning we threw out our faster punk rock songs and the audience was busy pogging. A few people fell, but as it should be at a punk concert, everyone helped each other and got each other back on their feet. In between, of course, we couldn’t miss a few classics like “I Just Wanna Live” and “The Kids Arn’t Alright” and the people sang along with full force and even a stage diver was motivated. A month ago we were back in the studio to record two new songs, and of course we didn’t miss the opportunity to present them to the audience right away… I think they went down quite well, but you’re welcome to try it for yourself in a few months convince.

Until the end, the crowd in front of the stage gave it their all, especially our colleagues from RESISTANT and VLUN, who also created a great atmosphere in the audience.

insane habits

We had a lot of fun and as far as we could tell it was a great punk rock party for everyone. The general store is also a perfect location for it, and also a big THANK YOU to the sound engineer – he was really great and provided a good and suitable sound. We’re looking forward to the next gig – next Saturday (April 1st) we’ll be playing again together with VLUN in Salzburg at the Bricks to celebrate our 30th anniversary – you’re cordially invited!




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