Insigne at “There is Mail for you”: he does not hold back tears for the loss of a daughter

Great emotion for Lorenzo Insigne, protagonist of There is mail for you, a well-known program of Canale 5. The captain of Napoli entered the studio embracing a father and a mother who lost their daughter to an incurable disease, called into the studio by a son who in this way he wanted to give them strength. His son Nicola, from Juventus, wanted to introduce his parents (Azzurri fans) to Lorenzo Insigne, who was decidedly moved during the story.

Insigne later made fun of his son’s Juventus faith, announcing a “conversion”, and then gave, among other things, an autographed Napoli shirt, a box of new tools for his blacksmith work, a bag (probably with money to overcome economic difficulties) and then a Napoli bracelet: “This I gave to the team after the victory against Juventus in the Italian Cup, behind there is a dedication”. The envelope then opens for the hugs and happiness of the father who shows Insigne’s blue 24 to his son.

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