Inspection taps on GPs and pharmacists about medicines for corona patients

The Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate has issued a warning to a general practitioner and a pharmacist from Meijel in North Limburg because they are giving patients the malaria drug chloroquine as part of an experiment against corona. The Inspectorate speaks to the NIS of “a bad thing”.

The doctor also prescribes patients with a covid infection the rheumatic medicine hydroxochloroquine, the antibiotic azithromycin and zinc orotate. The pharmacist provides the means. “The GP and the pharmacist are acting in violation of the treatment guidelines,” says the inspectorate.

“There is still no proven drug that helps against corona. And the way he says he is experimenting now is not according to the guidelines.”

Only for serious and very serious covid patients

The inspectorate has previously issued a ban on the use of primary care of anti-covid infections of the malaria drug chloroquine and the rheumatic drug hydroxochloroquine. “If chloroquine is not prescribed according to the guidelines, there is a shortage for people who really need it,” said the Inspectorate.

Both substances are at the top of the list of treatment options with medicines that the Anti-Vitality Policy Foundation continuously updates. Both drugs are given on an experimental basis to seriously ill and very seriously ill covid patients, provided that they themselves or their family give their consent.

In the meantime, various scientific studies have been started into these products. So far, there are no good studies showing that they are effective in treating covid infections. Patients receiving the drugs sometimes experience serious side effects.

More measures

If necessary, the inspection announces that it will take further measures against the GP and the pharmacist from Meijel. “Should the general practitioner and his pharmacist continue to prescribe and provide chloroquine as a corona drug, the Inspectorate may take other measures, such as the imposition of a fine.”

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