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Instagram Live: Best Way To Present Your Business

Among many instruments that are available for business on Instagram, there is a special place for such type of content as Instagram Live. This is a session that happens on air, and it is incredibly important for increasing brand awareness and enhancing the relationship between your business and your potential customers. Although many brands neglect this feature, as they don’t understand its purpose, more innovative companies are eager to buy Instagram views for live video when they want to lead the competition. This article explains how to use Instagram lives and the best tactics for this kind of content for businesses.

A Short Guide For Using Instagram Live Sessions

  • Lives are located in the Stories menu, which will open if you swipe right on your screen or tap the camera symbol in your newsfeed. After the menu is opened, you should swipe right again, and the shooting mode will change from Normal to Live.
  • Before launching the session, adjust settings according to your needs: turn off notifications or select the particular audience that will see your session.
  • To begin, tap the Start button. After the app will check up your internet connection and stabilize it, you will see the countdown and finally set off.
  • Initially, the notifications will emerge on your screen as users will join your Live. Don’t start talking at once. Wait until a number of people watch the session.
  • When your session is over, tap the End button, and then finish your Live.
  • You can keep the video to your camera roll to use later.

Additional features that you possess for this kind of content:

  • If you need, you can turn off the comments.
  • You can name your broadcast – write it in the comment, send it and then pin it.
  • Track your time with the tiny pink Live button that will reveal the time of your telecast. This feature is essential as lives have a limit of 60 minutes.
  • You can kick users out of your broadcast – tap the number of users on your right and choose X for the ones you desire to drop off.

The Reasons To Use Instagram Live For Your Business

Brand Awareness

Lives are a decent method to humanize your business, which is vital for brands in modern competition. As it is not enough anymore to harness reputation with the quality of your product, businesses search for more ways to impress potential buyers. Creating a human face for the brand is one of these ways that has already proven to be effective for increasing the awareness of your brand.

Instagram offers many methods for communication with the public, and Live is one of them. As the talk is entirely online, people have the opportunity to meet the brand owners or representatives in an informal style and feel free to ask their questions and know more about the key points of your business. Lives can be a way to expose more personal experience and share valuable insights with the audience, improving their opinion about your business.

Collecting And Reacting To The Feedback

Another valuable feature of Instagram Live is that this form of content offers an excellent opportunity for your viewers to express their thoughts about the product and hear the answer to their inquiry almost instantly, probably without previous consideration. This is a chance for you to collect exclusive feedback about your work, so never neglect it. You can try a form of Q&A and inspire people to send more truthful information about what they think of your brand. Having a fresh portion of reviews on your product and brand image will play well for your further strategy. As it was mentioned before, Lives on Instagram provide a less formal atmosphere for users. Hence they would feel free to share what they think.

Useful Tips For Hosting Instagram Live

Think Twice Of The Topic To Discuss In Your Live

Whatever you do on the platform has to serve to increase the effectiveness of your business strategy. So before you even begin promoting your Live session, you must think thoroughly about what topic will be the most effective for your current goals. Popular ideas for hosting Live are:

  • Q&A
  • Product presentation
  • Industry news discussion
  • Meet&Greet
  • Workshops
  • Interviews

Create A Plan

Although Live is supposed to be an ongoing format, it will be much better if you will prepare a small plan and write down scenery to define the essential details you want to mention. As you are engaged in a live conversation, it is easy to lose the direction of your speech, so keep a written note somewhere beside you to keep track of your Live session.

Define Most Asked Questions

To keep your broadcast smooth, think of the most common questions you might get in the range of chosen themes and get prepared for them. Having thought-through answers for these will be a huge time-saver. Don’t memorize your speech, though. This is a wrong choice for a practice that provides users an opportunity to address you with unexpected questions and twist your replies. Sometimes you can even ask people to send you inquiries before the stream, so you can have time to prepare for your session.

Rehearse Your Live

Choose a place where you will broadcast and set a rehearsal at the same time of the day when you want to execute your Live. This practice will assist you to present the best quality of the video and eliminate mistakes, like a wrong camera angle, position towards the light, background settings, and other essential things. Check the quality of the internet connection so that you will avoid blanks and aberrations in your stream.

How To Promote Your Live

The most effective way to attract more users to your future Instagram Live session is to promote it beforehand. There would be nothing better for that than Stories. First of all, set a date for your Live and upload feed posts and Stories with it. Particularly in Stories, you can use a countdown sticker to remind your audience about the upcoming event. Don’t overdo the promotion though, make sure the reminder appears at least once in two-three days.

Be attentive to your audience’s reaction – try to examine the level of interest in your Live by asking questions and communicating with your followers actively.


Instagram Live is one of the wide range of tools that the app offers to businesses. It is incredibly helpful in establishing a relationship with your followers and helps to make people more loyal to your brand. For small local businesses, this is an excellent opportunity to make a presentation and attract more clients.

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