Instagram makes accounts private for teenagers by default

The picture network belonging to Facebook Instagram wants to better protect young people from unwanted messages and harassment. In the future, accounts created by Young people under 16 years of age be created, set to private by default become, announced Instagram on Tuesday in a blog post. Postings can then only be seen or liked by followers who have been confirmed by the account holder.

In some countries, this should also apply to accounts for under-18s. Teens whose accounts are public should receive notifications prompting them to switch to private. The option of making accounts public should also be retained for young people in the age group.

Tests have shown that 8 out of 10 young people when registering opted for a private account the blog entry continues.

Criticism of the planned app for under-13s

Instagram was last because of one planned app for under-13s come under criticism. However, Facebook wants to continue to stick to the app. The young people are online, whether you want to or not, it said from the company. With an app tailored to them, they want to respond more to their needs.

Advertising restrictions

However, Facebook wants in the future severely restrict targeted advertising to young people under the age of 18. Advertising based on your interests or activities on Instagram or other apps and websites should no longer be allowed.

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