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In a video on Instagram, Pinili labels the two-week quarantine at the Duxton 5-star hotel in Perth as a human rights problem. The woman flew back to Australia from Bali last Sunday and is now obliged to spend two weeks in her luxurious room in isolation from the outside world.

Keyboard Heroes

Pinili said she was shocked when she looked at her social media the next morning and saw that she had received tons of criticism about her, Het Nieuwsblad reports. “They are keyboard heroes who sit at home and can go outside for fresh air,” she says. The woman does not regret her statements. “Everyone in quarantine has a hard time without sunlight and a few minutes of air. It’s about people’s mental health. Even if we were given 10 minutes with police officers in protective suits, we would be happy about that. ”

Her twenties say she understands that she has been quarantined and has no problem with the hotel in itself. “It is wonderful here. I have never complained. People say to me, “but you’re in a five-star hotel.” Yes, but I’m here between four walls. I have no access to the bar, restaurant or pool. So, no complaints about the room, but I don’t get any of the amenities, ”she concludes.


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