Instagram: these tips will help you get more followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks around. Athletes, musicians and influencers sometimes have enormous numbers of followers there and earn money with them.

Of course, that doesn’t have to be the goal of your own account. But it shouldn’t bob around so bleakly in front of it either and should at least address its own friends and family. But how do you succeed in attracting more attention to your own account?

Teja Adams, moderator and media trainer, has answers. His most important message: It should be fun! “Admittedly, that is trivial advice, but every follower will notice whether a user likes to use their Instagram account or not,” explains Adams. But Instagram is also a platform that, if you want to use it successfully, is very time-consuming.

What does my Instagram account stand for?

As a second point, Adams suggests considering an account promise. Other users can quickly see what the account stands for and why you should subscribe to it.

“These can be very different things,” says Adams and provides examples: “Would you like to use the account to provide information on everyday questions or problem solutions, to inspire or to trigger emotions?” These questions should be asked beforehand.

The next question follows from the answer, namely about the target group. For a successful account you have to know: “Who am I addressing my content to?”

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Adams suggests keeping this target group as narrow as possible: “The more specifically the target group is defined, the easier it is to get these users excited about your own account.”

This leads to the fourth point, the content. Good pictures are one thing. Adams advises, however, to always provide information or to ask a question about every picture. “It’s best to tell a little story about the picture,” says Adams.

Each posting should also be hashtags. Adams recommends between three and ten, which should really fit the topic of the posting. Hashtags are extremely important on Instagram.

One Instagram post a day

Recently, it has also been possible to post short videos with music, so-called reels, on Instagram. With this new feature, the app has responded to the success of TikTok. Just like the Instagram stories, reels are rather unimportant for building reach.

“Stories and reels are for followers you already have. Posts that appear in the news feed are for the followers that you still want to get, ”explains Adams, explaining the differences. Until you have the first 1000 followers, you have to deliver continuously.

Adams recommends about one content a day. This is the only way to get a certain amount of awareness in the Discover area of ​​Instagram.

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The media expert also recommends being active on the platform after posting. “Instagram rewards when you are active on the platform and interact.”

After posting yourself, you should therefore like and comment on other posts. This increases the reach of your own profile.

Data protection and copyrights on Instagram

However, this cannot be combined with effective data protection. “Protecting privacy is not a business of social media or Instagram,” explains Adams.

The profile and the posts are public by default and you can only gain new followers with public profiles. That is why you should always think carefully about how and with what to use social platforms.

This is particularly important for children and parents, says Iren Schulz, media coach at the Schau hin initiative, which advises parents on issues relating to media education. Schulz recommends parents set up the profiles together and always start all postings and activities in private mode.

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The media expert also recalls copyrights and image rights that also apply to Instagram users and are often forgotten. Uploading photos or images from other people is always problematic, because it actually needs the consent of the author.

Especially if you have a larger account, you have to expect that you will be warned. “Ideally, you should always use your own photos and upload them carefully so that it is clear that the rights are mine,” advises Schulz.

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Lots of great photos: Instagram is an image-driven social network

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