Instant noodles can trigger headaches, strokes, heart failure, stomach cancer and kidney pain, nutritionists explain

JAKARTA – Generally, people like to consume instant noodles. Because, besides it tastes good, the price is also cheap and cooking is very easy.

But keep in mind, behind the delicious taste, instant noodles can be dangerous to health. Because instant noodles contain high sodium and MSG.

Quoted from which launched Healthline data, a nutritionist from the University of Vermont, Rachel Johnson, said that too high sodium intake can increase blood pressure.

The reason is, sodium can hold fluid in the body which creates an additional burden on the heart.

“Too much sodium also increases the risk of stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and kidney disease,” adds Vermont.

Similar to sodium, too much MSG intake also has side effects, especially for those who are sensitive to it.

MSG can trigger headaches, worsen asthma, cause chest pain or heart palpitations.

Low Nutrition Content

Instant noodles are also claimed to be unhealthy food because of their low nutritional content.

Most instant noodles tend to be low in calories, fiber and protein. Meanwhile, the amount of fat, carbohydrates and sodium in it is very high.

In a packet of instant noodles usually contains the following nutrients:

188 grams of calories

27 grams of carbohydrates

7 grams of total fat

3 grams of saturated fat

4 gram protein

0.9 grams of fiber

861 milligrams sodium

Thiamine: 43 percent thiamin from daily recommendations

12 percent folate of the daily recommendation

11 percent manganese from the daily recommendation

10 percent iron from the daily recommendation

9 percent niacin of the daily recommendation

7 percent of riboflavin.

Because of their low nutrition, consuming instant noodles too often can trigger a bad diet.

A 2014 research report on the Healthline website proves that consuming instant noodles too often can lead to deficiencies in certain nutrients.

The research was conducted by examining the dietary patterns of 10,711 adults. In that research, researchers found consuming instant noodles at least twice a week can increase the risk of metabolic syndrome.

This condition can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Consuming excessive instant noodles also causes a decrease in intake of protein, calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, niacin and vitamin A.

In addition, consuming instant noodles can cause a decrease in vitamin D levels. This condition can lead to obesity and various chronic diseases.***


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