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Complete Dyson AirwrapTM Styling Accessories Gift Set (Fuchsia/Iron)

The term ‘styling’ shouldn’t be included with the term ‘styling’. So the Dyson AirwrapTM styling device uses intelligent heat control technology. The same goes for the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer that allows for the desired style at low temperatures. Helps protect hair from heat damage. and always look shiny

The heart of the Dyson Airwrap™ styler lies in the Dyson digital motor. It is used to create a phenomenon known as the Coanda effect. The motor power creates a high-speed airflow that flows along the surface of the Dyson AirwrapTM brush by the pressure difference that causes the air current to flow across the floor. this skin The Coanda effect is created by this principle. This allowed Dyson’s aerodynamics team to create a method of styling with airflow and heat. The result is that you can curl, curl and blow dry until you create a natural look with smooth, silky hair.

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Dyson Omni-glideTM cordless vacuum cleaner

The Dyson Omni-glideTM vacuum cleaner offers a brand new experience in hard floor cleaning. It is Dyson’s first vacuum cleaner designed for everyday urban home cleaning, making it the perfect choice for people who need frequent cleaning. in every corner

The first FluffyTM omnidirectional cleaning nozzle makes it possible to go forward, backward or even to the side. It can absorb everything from large dirt to fine dust. and can also move around easily obstructed and access to narrow spaces The Dyson Omni-glideTM vacuum cleaner is also designed to lie flat in all three sections, the motor, filter and handle allow cleaning even in tight spaces. like under the sofa or between the furniture which is the result of intensive research Including trials with 277 real users for over 470 hours in households from 6 countries.

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Floor-standing fan Dyson Purifier CoolTM Formaldehyde TP09 (Nickel/Gold)

from continuous development Dyson’s Purifier Cool line of air purifiers offers the latest technology in three key components, sensors, filters and design. The latest Dyson Purifier CoolTM Formaldehyde air purifiers are designed with the latest in solid-state formaldehyde sensors. to trap fine dust and allergens and can destroy pollutants including formaldehyde

Indoors, there may be more pollutant emissions than you think. that can release PM10, PM2.5, VOCs, NO2, and formaldehyde into the indoor air. Formaldehyde is a colorless pollutant that can be dispersed from furniture or wood containing formaldehyde-containing resins such as plywood, insulation. or other equipment such as paint, wallpaper, polish, or cleaning agents. But thanks to Dyson’s catalytic filters, formaldehyde is continuously destroyed at the molecular level.

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