Instead of Mozart Week only virtual Mozart Days in Salzburg

Director and host of the Mozart Week Salzburg 2021: Rolando Villazon © Wolfgang Lienbacher

Those of the classical music fans who are in the mood for a digital Mozart week have to hurry. The traditional mini festival, the little sister of the glamorous summer festival, started on Wednesday with a five-day homage to the genius loci this year.

And that on his 265th birthday. You can experience a compact Mozart program online until January 31st. Incidentally, it’s the 65th Mozart Week since it was founded in 1956. In other words, jubilee occasions that can justify the courageous “unlocking” the culture of the festival co-organized by the Mozarteum Foundation.

There is so much music by Mozart that the selection of works was not easy and required a great deal of knowledge of the subject. That was by no means missing at Rolando Villazon, but he was still waiting for the opening with a sensational surprise. A piano piece by the 17-year-old Mozart that was discovered by accident and has never been performed before, with an incredible duration of 94 seconds.

Unmistakably from his pen, which, despite all the competence of the Mozart experts, was checked by four expert opinions obtained and the authenticity of his handwriting confirmed. It is neither a fragment nor a sketch, and it was “premiered” with due respect by one of Mozart’s finest interpreters, Seong-Jin Cho.

35 works from Mozart’s aria treasure

The evening concert was played by the Mozarteum Orchestra with proven quality, for the first time with the Canadian podium debutante Keri-Lynn Wilson in Salzburg. Lively, cheerful, she designed Mozart’s “little” G minor symphony and led the orchestra to a music-making of dark intensity. Furthermore there was a lot to hear from the rich aria treasure of 35 independent works by Mozart, and this from Villazon himself, who could afford to recall his unforgettable tenor voice on stage, with the clean coloratura easily flowing out of his throat. Loud bravi came from the orchestra.

Barenboim, Bartoli & the Vienna Philharmonic

It pays to stay with the digital Mozart Week, because in addition to rarities in the program and up-and-coming artists, big names like Daniel Barenboim, Cecilia Bartoli or Martha Argerich and of course the Vienna Philharmonic are among the interpreters of this five-day Mozart Week until January 31 to meet.

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