insulted by the supporters, Vinicius housed the Camp Nou

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Vinicus was one of the great architects of Real Madrid’s victory in the Clasico. At Camp Nou, the Brazilian gave Oscar Mingueza a nightmare, completely overwhelmed by the speed of the winger. If he is not involved in the two goals of his own, Vinicius was undoubtedly one of the men of the match.

This did not prevent Carlo Ancelotti from blowing his player in the second half. The Catalan fans then gave themselves to their hearts content to whistle the Brazilian. In response, the latter pointed to the scoreboard, while Real Madrid led.

to summarize

Vinicius Junior had a superb performance in the Clasico won by Real Madrid at Camp Nou. The Brazilian winger made Oscar Mingueza live a nightmare, completely taken by the speed of the latter, who even allowed himself to chamber the Catalan fans on his exit.

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