Insults during PSG-OM: 0-0 for the Professional Football League

Zero. The detestable Clasico of September was paid off on Wednesday by the disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League (LFP), which had investigated the altercations between the Brazilian from Paris-SG, Neymar, and the Spaniard from the ‘Olympique de Marseille, Alvaro Gonzalez, after a first set of sanctions targeting the expelled players (five) that evening: nothing for Neymar (who had already taken two games for his expulsion) and nothing for Alvaro.

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Neymar was suspected of a homophobic insult to the Spaniard (“Queer”) then, according to the Marseille version, of a racist insult to the Japanese defender Hiroki Sakai, something like “Chinese shit”. Alvaro, he would have qualified Neymar of «Mono», “Monkey” in his language. Convened by Brazilian or French media (the Parisian), lip-reading experts had succeeded each other for three weeks to define the contours of the words used by the players, Neymar for his part maintaining a certain resentment towards his club, the latter having in his opinion not shown support for the height of the seriousness of the facts.

General relief

We also felt OM a little tight: a minimum support from the Marseille club (“Alvaro Gonzalez is not racist”, as if that’s the problem) and no firm denials regarding the words Neymar was attributing to their defender. For three weeks, the clubs leaked some form of insurance, hinting that they had the wherewithal to hurt the opposing side on the strength of supposedly uplifting images. The League has drawn the curtain: “After examining the case, hearing the players and representatives of the clubs, the committee noted that it did not have sufficient convincing evidence to allow it to establish the materiality of the facts of discriminatory remarks by the player Alvaro Gonzalez at against Neymar during the meeting, or against Neymar against Alvaro Gonzalez. Consequently, the commission decides that there is no reason for sanction. ”

We can imagine the general relief. Beyond the perimeter of the two clubs concerned: a homophobic or racist insult, it is a basic suspension of ten games, that is to say the lasting weakening of the best defender of the most beloved club in France (l ‘OM) and the disappearance of the main marketing argument of the competition (Neymar) for two months. The decision of the disciplinary committee should make people talk.

Gregory Schneider


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