News Insurance: benefits are guaranteed

Insurance: benefits are guaranteed


The director of Curafutura, one of the apexes of insurers, wishes to reassure the insured regarding care related to the coronavirus. ‘Today, benefits are guaranteed,’ says Pius Zängerle.

‘And it will remain so, whatever the evolution of the epidemic. The reserves are precisely there for this kind of situation ‘, he added in an interview published Wednesday in La Liberté and its partner newspapers. Curafutura brings together CSS, Helsana, Sanitas and the CPT.

Concerning the screening tests, Mr. Zängerle recalls that the basic insurance reimburses those prescribed by a doctor, that is to say for people who have severe symptoms and those who are at risk of complications. The test, taking into account the acts that accompany it, currently costs around 300 francs, but we can hope that the cost will drop with the volume increase, he specifies.

With regard to hydroxychloroquine, Mr. Zängerle noted that, since this medicine is usually used for other indications, the list of specialties does not provide for automatic reimbursement if it is used against the coronavirus. He added that it is possible to take charge of it ‘on a case-by-case basis, if the use of the drug allows a high benefit in terms of health’.




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