world Intelligence services notified Bernie Sanders in January that Russia...

Intelligence services notified Bernie Sanders in January that Russia is trying to influence it | U.S


The United States Government informed Senator Bernie Sanders last January that Russia is trying to influence the Democratic primary to favor its campaign. Sanders confirmed the information after he published it The Washington Post Citing anonymous sources. In his response, the senator charged against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Shortly after, he questioned why the information was released just one day before the Nevada caucuses, where he starts as a favorite and that they could give a final blow to the race for the Democratic nomination.

“Unlike Donald Trump, I don’t consider Vladimir Putin a good friend,” Sanders said in a statement sent to the media following information from the Post. “He is an autocratic thug who tries to destroy democracy and crush dissent in Russia. We must be clear, the Russians want to undermine US democracy by dividing us. Unlike the current president, I strongly oppose these actions and any other foreign power that wants to interfere in our elections. ”

“Frankly, I don’t care who Putin wants to be president,” he continues. “My message is clear: do not get into the United States elections. As president, I’m going to make sure that is the case. ”

The US intelligence services consider it proven that the Russian government carried out an intoxication campaign to influence the 2016 elections and help Donald Trump be elected. Trump has never acknowledged these facts and has questioned the American spying services themselves. An investigation by special prosecutor Robert Mueller found multiple examples of closeness between the Trump campaign and the Russian disinformation campaign, but did not consider any specific crimes.

Finally, the Sanders statement adds: “In 2016, Russia used the Internet to sow the division in our country and my information is that they are trying to do it again in 2020. Some of the unpleasant things that are attributed to our Internet campaign may well if it doesn’t come from true supporters. ”

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Sanders’ campaign has been criticized for the behavior of people who define themselves as a supporter of the senator and have a very aggressive attitude on social networks. This situation has been especially noticeable in Nevada. The city’s powerful hospitality union expressed doubts about whether Sanders’ plans to create universal health would end the union’s health insurance. The union leadership claims to have received insults and threats from supporters of Sanders. This week, he announced that he would not officially support anyone in the primary. Sanders has disallowed any such behavior on his behalf. The union is a powerful voting mobilization machine, especially the Latino vote, essential to win Nevada.

Sanders reacted loudly to the information in California, where he was campaigning Friday for the primaries there on March 3. In comments to journalists he acknowledged that he was informed “about a month ago” of the alleged actions of Russia to favor him. “I go to many intelligence reports that I do not reveal to the public,” he replied about why he had not disclosed this data. “The ugliest thing they are doing,” he continued, “is that they are trying to divide us. That is what they did in 2016 and it is the worst thing they are doing. They try to sow chaos and hate in the United States.”

Before leaving, they asked why he knew himself now and responded: “I will let you guess why it leaves a day before the Iowa caucuses. Has it been The Washington Post? Good friends, ”he said wryly.

Last week, members of the intelligence services informed the House of Representatives that Russia maintains its plans to attack with disinformation the 2020 election campaign just as it did in 2016. In that secret appearance, according to anonymous sources cited by the media Washington said that Russia’s goal was to get reelected by Donald Trump.

Vice President Joe Biden, who tries to survive in the primary against Sanders’s push, wrote on twitter: “Vladimir Putin does not want me to be president. He doesn’t want me to be your nominee. ”



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