Intel’s efficient Meteor Lake described as the ‘Zen 4 Phoenix Killer’ as leak claims Intel is working on a 40-core Arrow Lake CPU

2023-06-03 23:19:00

We have previously reported that Intel may have canceled Meteor Lake processors for desktop computers and that the company may only release Meteor Lake chips for laptops. At Computex, we have seen MSI unveil Prestige 16 laptop equipped with a 22-thread MTL processor. Later, a preliminary test of Cinebench R23 for the Meteor Lake chip inside the MSI Prestige 16 laptop. Along with revealing new details about the upcoming Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake processors, Tom from Moore’s Law Is Dead also confirmed that the MTL-S processors were indeed cancelled.

Intel Meteor Lake

In her brand new video claims that the MTL-S, which was to use the LGA1851 socket, has been cancelled. So we will only see MTL on laptops. The leaker also reports that Meteor Lake has two small “hidden Crestmont cores” on the CPU chip, which allows users to disable the CPU tile to “massively save power in sleep mode” while preserving communications between fleas.

Interestingly, Tom can’t confirm if apps can utilize the full 16 cores (6 P cores + 8 E cores + 2 Crestmont cores of the SoC) as the two small cores are primarily for “power saving”. standby power and chipset I/O communication”.

As for performance, the leaker reports that the MTL should be able to face and win against the Zen 4 Phoenix of AMD rather than the next processors Zen 5 Strix From AMD. Previous you were claimed that P-cores in Intel Meteor Lake CPUs could only provide a single-digit improvement in IPC over P-cores Raptor Lake.

That said, MTL CPUs should be very efficient, as MLID suggests the chips will rival Zen 5 Strix processors in this regard.

Intel Arrow Lake

According to the latest MLID report, Intel Arrow Lake will be released during the fourth quarter of 2024. What is surprising, however, is that Team Blue could redevelop the configuration to 40 cores (8 cores P + 32 cores E). For context, previous leaks have alleged that ARL CPUs reach 24 cores (8 P-cores + 16 E-cores).

Also, the performance of Arrow Lake CPUs could be 30-40% better than the 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs. The leaker also believes that based on a benchmark comparison between a 14-core ARL chip (6 P-cores + 8 cores) and a 14-core MTL chip, the ARL CPU outperforms the MTL CPU by 40%. in multi-threaded workloads, the 40-core ARL SKU could beat the 24-core Raptor Lake flagship by 55-75% in multi-threaded performance.

Tom suggests that Intel contracted with TSMC to produce the 40-core ARL Core i9 for desktop, 24-core (8+16) Core i7 for desktop, and 14-core Core i5/i7 ( 8+6) for laptop, using 3nm process. The 14-core Core i3/i5 ARL-S for desktop and 10-core Core i3 for laptop should use Intel 20A process.

Finally, the leaker also reports that the Arrow Lake iGPU will be downgraded to 192 Celestial Execution Units, as the “320 EU iGPU tile is no longer standard”.

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