Inter Milan will change their logo but also their name

LE SCAN SPORT – It will no longer be necessary to speak of “Internazionale” but of “Inter Milano” from next March.

It’s a small revolution that awaits the tifosi next March. The Football Club Internazionale Milano, its official name, will change its name but also its visual identity, reveal this monday The Gazzetta dello Sport. In a little over two months, on March 9 to be precise, the anniversary date of its founding, it will therefore be necessary to talk about Inter Milano and no longer Internazionale, the name commonly used abroad (Inter Milan in France) to designate the club founded in 1908. A choice dictated for marketing reasons for the brand to become international.

The timing may be questionable as Inter Milan is going through the health crisis with difficulty. Salaries for July and August 2020 have still not been paid to the workforce and the first payment for Achraf Hakimi’s transfer to Real Madrid has been postponed. Despite everything, the Chinese owners (Suning Commerce Group, distributor of electronic products) are increasing the number of projects at a time when the club is sportingly returning to the top of the championship.

A more modern and refined logo with the letters I and M

The evolution of Inter Milan logos over

To bring a clearer and modern identity to the Lombard club, the shareholders will also radically change the logo, taking inspiration from what Juventus Turin did four years ago. The ball in which the stylized letters FCIM were entangled could give way to two iconic letters “I” and “M”, blue on a black background, the historic colors of the club. Romelu Lukaku, the Belgian striker, participated in the development of this undoubtedly refined logo described by The Gazzetta dello sport as “more stylish”. It should be the 14th symbol adopted by Inter Milan in over 112 years of existence.

New sponsor and in the medium term new stadium

This is not all since the jersey sponsor should also evolve, Pirelli present on the jersey since 1995 should step aside in favor of Evergrande. In the longer term, Inter Milan will also change houses. The Giuseppe-Meazza stadium, often called San Siro, will soon be destroyed. The new enclosure, common to the two clubs in the city (with AC Milan) should not come out of the ground before the 2022-2023 season.


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