Interact with the disappearance of the shadow of the Kaaba and those who circumambulate it at the moment of the sun’s perpendicular

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media circulated photos and videos of the moment when the Kaaba’s shadow disappeared and those circling around it after the sun crossed over it completely.

The state-run Saudi Al-Ekhbariya channel published a video clip of the moment of the orthodoxy, which takes place for the first time this year, with a comment in which she said: “God’s power is embodied … the first perpendicularity of the sun on the Kaaba in 2022.”

The Astronomical Society in Jeddah had explained in previous reports that the phenomenon of the sun’s perpendicularity “occurs as a result of the location of the Kaaba between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer, and during the apparent movement of the Sun through the dome of the sky, it becomes straight with the Kaaba as it moves from the equator to the Tropic of Cancer within a month. May, and when the sun returns south to the equator from the Tropic of Cancer in July.

The association explained that the regions located at latitudes less than 23.5 degrees north and south all witness this phenomenon twice a year, but at different times depending on the latitude of that place, and there are few places confined between the equator and the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

The phenomenon of orthogonality is one of the astronomical methods used by the ancients to determine the direction of the qiblah in a simple way, no less accurate than smartphone applications, according to the report.

According to the association, it is possible to test the orthogonality to determine the direction of the qiblah for all those living in areas far from Mecca in the Arab countries, regions adjacent to the North Pole, Africa, Europe, China, Russia, and East Asia.

The association said in the report: “For example, when a piece of wood is placed perpendicular to the surface of the ground at the time of perpendicularity, the opposite direction of the shadow points towards the Kaaba exactly.”

The association added that the phenomenon of orthogonality is also used to calculate the circumference of the globe without any help from modern technology, using some simple rules in geometry, an ancient method dating back more than two thousand and 200 years, which also indicates that the Earth is spherical.

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