Intergenerational justice: do younger people really pay for Corona?

For many, what is to be thought of the Corona debt has long been clear: you see it as an attack on intergenerational justice. The hundreds of billions, possibly trillions, with which the government is fighting against the pandemic and the economic crisis are driving government debt to new heights. And the following generations will have to pay the bill at some point. The lawsuit claims that it would take decades to pay off the mountain of liabilities.

“Today’s debts can only be justified if we invest them in the future of young people, who have to repay them,” says Friedrich Merz, one of the applicants for the CDU chairmanship and thus a possible candidate for chancellor of the Union.

In fact, the sheer magnitude is terrifying. The federal government will already take out almost 220 billion euros in new loans this year, and public debt will increase by around a third – from 60 percent of the gross domestic product to around 80 percent at the end of the year. “Today’s debts are tomorrow’s taxes,” is a common economic wisdom.

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