Interim public employees throughout Spain demand job stability in Madrid

Temporary public employees from all over Spain have demonstrated this Saturday in Madrid to denounce the “abuse” made by the public administrations of the temporality and have warned that “the struggle will continue” until they get the fixity.

The demonstration, convened by the Collective of Public Employees in Temporary Abuse, has left the Plaza de Cibeles at 11.30 am with the slogan “Against the abuse of temporality, fix it now!” and has finished at the Puerta del Sol after three hours of protests with a massive attendance.

One of the organizers of the mobilization has criticized the situation in which there are about 800,000 public employees in Spain of all public administrations (state, regional, local and autonomous bodies). In addition, he explained that the Administration intends that, after years in the public sector, these workers present themselves to the employment stabilization process “just like the people who come from the street”.

“We are going to go to the street at a very complicated age and without the right to compensation,” criticized one of the protesters.

This implies an “abuse of temporality” by public administrations that violates the provisions of the European directive on fixed-term work, which has been mandatory for Spain since 2001. Although Spain transferred this directive to the private sector, it did not do so. in the public sector, «a clear negligence», as reported by the Collective of Public Employees in Temporary Abuse.

They have also pointed out that since the Administration “they have abused for years” successive temporary contracts to carry out work that was actually structural. In addition, they complain that long-term contracts are made without legally providing the affected places.

The organizers have assured that the Government “has in their hands” to be able to create the legal mechanism
l to set the fixity automatically.

The summoners, who chartered buses so that those affected can attend the demonstration, also demand the stoppage of all public employment offers in progress or in the process of being called. .