Interior only replenishes 43% of casualties

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They are not as famous as Sherlock Holmes or the detective Areta. They don’t have that many girlfriends like Philip Marlowe And, if life passes in a heartbeat for others, yours lasts four World Cups. Are the police dogs, agents of our security forces in charge of missions as complex as the search for explosives, detection of firearms, narcotics or the rescue.

Some become decorated, such as Elton, the belgian pastor who met Diana Wants and participated in cases such as the little Gabriel, Yéremi Vargas, Marta del Castillo, the murder of Pioz or the Majadahonda quaver.

Despite the guaranteed effectiveness of these four-legged agents, the data to which this newspaper has had access suggests that the Ministry of the Interior only replaces 43% of canine casualties. Are we facing an endangered species?

During the last three years the following canine casualties:

  • 2018: 72 casualties.
  • 2019: 61 casualties.
  • 2020 81 casualties.

In total, in the last three years our security forces have lost 214 canine team members. However, the dogs acquired through purchase in the last three years has been 27 in 2019, 35 in 2020 and 35 in 2021. It is not possible to calculate how much the equipment has been replaced in 2021 since the year has not been closed, for which, using the latest available data, corresponding to 2020, we see that only 43% of casualties have been replenished.

The Civil Guard maintains its commitment to canine aid

This newspaper has contacted National Police and Civil Guard to try to clarify the reason for this lack of replacement. From the Civil Guard they assure that they have the same number of dogs as before, only that instead of resorting to purchases, they are opting for the training of their own litters.

The General Directorate of Police, which is the one to which the referred data belongs, has not made any statements to this medium.

Requirements to be a police dog

To be dog Police it is more complicated than passing an opposition. The General Directorate of Police establishes harsh criteria so that only the best dogs are part of a body that can be considered elite.

In the technical specifications of the last purchase carried out by this institution, a total of 35 dogs, it is specified in detail the physical characteristics and psychic that dogs must have.

First of all, it should be noted that Police prefer male to female dogs. The most wanted breeds are German Shepherds O Malinois Belgian shepherds. The minimum age for a dog to join the police is a year and a month, and the maximum of one year and six months.

No cowards allowed

In addition, “the dog must show safe and sociable in new settings and in the presence of unfamiliar people or animals, the signs of shyness, fear, or fear manifest will be reason for non-selection ”, point out the specifications.

Among the multiple physicals conditions required, it is specified that:

  • The animal must show a great innate desire to chase and retrieve the objects thrown at it.
  • The dog will express concern and He will jump in excitement when the tester shows him and I hinted that he is going to throw the object at him or motivator to pursue and recover.

As for character, the police look for dogs with characteristics that many human beings would already like for themselves:

  • Attention: You will maintain a high interest in the fitting rooms and in the required tasks, you will be receptive, without distractions unrelated to the activity.
  • Intensity: Effort and vigor used in the execution of the tests.
  • Persistence: Involvement in carrying out the required activities.
  • Sensitivity: Threshold of response to the environment and the appearance of stimuli.
  • Wishes to please: The desire to carry out activities with the human being.
  • Self-confidence: Dog’s belief in its possibilities.
  • Adaptability: Ability to adapt to changes in the environment.
  • Sociability: Desire to be related

Dogs not admitted

On the contrary, dogs that show any of these behaviors may not be part of the police force:

  • shyness (distrust, inhibition, fear or manifest fear of people).
  • Dominance (animals that carry their tails upright or have dominance attitudes).
  • Aggressive dogs with people or with other dogs.
  • Animals excessively nervous.
  • Dogs with stereotypes (constant turns on themselves, biting their tail or side or / and others).
  • Afraid manifest to climb high places or enter unknown places.
  • Manifest fear of going up to vehicles.
  • Fear of walking on smooth surfaces and slippery.
  • Animals apathetic.
  • Dogs excessively independent.

How much does a police dog cost?

In the last offer of the General Directorate of Police a budget of 105.875 euros (21% VAT included) for the purchase of 35 dogs. This represents an expense of 3,025 euros for each animal.

50% of this price is to pay the acquisition costs, a 10% for veterinary costs, another 10% for transport, labor costs and those inherent to food, maintenance of facilities and treatment and disposal of waste account for 15% and the remaining 15% corresponds to the commercial profit of the seller. These dogs are bought from specialized companies, although sometimes they come from donations from individuals as long as they meet the requirements that are requested.

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