International Criminal Court accepts Israeli government’s Nuremberg Code violation complaint

According to an article in Database Italia, the complaint lodged last week in the Hague court accusing the Israeli government of violating the Nuremberg code has been confirmed. A decision is now awaited.

A complaint was filed in The Hague Tribunal by lawyers Ruth Makhacholovsky and Aryeh Suchowolski last weekend regarding violations of the Nuremberg Code by the Israeli government and other parties. We recall that the People of Truth organization has filed a complaint against the Israeli government, which is carrying out illegal experiments on Israeli citizens through the Pfizer vaccination. ” The organization includes lawyers, doctors, public activists and the general public, who have chosen to exercise their democratic right not to receive experimental medical treatment (Corona vaccine), and feel under great and serious pressure. illegal acts by the Israeli government, parliamentarians and ministers, senior representatives of the public, mayors, etc. »

Therefore, and taking into account the above, they ask:

1.     L’immediate cessation of medical experience and administration of vaccines to the Israeli public.

2. Ask the government adopt all legislative procedures that do not violate the principle of informed consent of a person to receive the medical treatment described above, which denies legal status in Israel and in Israeli democracy, including avoiding the creation of a health passport, giving the names of unvaccinated people to local authorities or to any other competent legislator.

3. Take the most severe measures against any public, commercial or employment entity that violates state labor laws or other matters necessary to prevent coercion or solicitation of vaccines, as well as discrimination, against those who choose not to receive the vaccines. innovative medical care mentioned above.

4. Draw your attention to the fact that a copy of this document will also be sent to the media around the world for violating the Nuremberg Code. Relevant in all countries of the free world.

5. And as a final remark, it should be noted that it was only recently that a Council of Europe decision was taken on 27/1/21, in which all authorities are ordered not to exercise pressuring or soliciting people to take the Corona vaccine in any way. Therefore, whatever is good for advanced European countries is certainly also good for Israel – and the balance is obvious ”.

Lawyer Ruth Makhachovsky told Israel News:

« Pfizer’s experiment in the State of Israel was carried out in violation of the Nuremberg Code, which is part of international criminal law and is under the jurisdiction of the Hague tribunal. We are now awaiting a decision ”.

Link to the cause:

Link to the observations of the European Council:

13 thoughts on “International Criminal Court accepts Israeli government’s Nuremberg Code violation complaint”

  1. I am surprised taking into account that 1,1 millions are missing for vaccination?
    Could you ask osnat ben shitrit which is in heaven, how she escaped this obligation?
    Could you ask the criminals around the family of osnat, how they feel now?

  2. If Satan can finally succeed in destroying God’s chosen people, he will accomplish what he has failed to do throughout history. The vaccine ploy is nothing more than that. Unfortunately for him, God is still God. The lake of fire is burning hot and waiting for all those who reject God. That will be of their own choosing.

  3. I hope with all my heart that this charge is carried forward and the TRUTH revealed. We are in the midst of a global GENOCIDE…and those responsible must face JUSTICE!

  4. THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT ,is just another BOGUS government DOG with no teeth,THE NUREMBERG WAR CRIMES ,AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND “CHILDREN “is nothing but a laughing stock in western countries like ISRAEL AND AMERICA,till the day comes they start EXECUTING THESE DEVILS ON THE INTERNET,where the whole world can see these crimes will be delth with,they mean ZERO…..nothing to anyone…SLAPING each other on the risk as they put millions of dollars in their pockets in Bribes….ITS ALL A SAD JOKE……….

  5. MY FAVORITE QUESTION TO ISRAELI JEWS IS…YOUR GOVERNMENT KNEW ADOLF HITLER was in AGENTINA after the war living in a penhouse like a king,WHY DIDN’T YOU GO GET HIM ,and execute him on Israeli TV,or news cameras,BUT you did nothing to him,he died of OLD AGE THERE…???

  6. Item 4 states “Draw your attention to the fact that a copy of this document will also be sent to the media around the world for violating the Nuremberg Code. Relevant in all countries of the free world. ”
    The free world I knew has been lost due to fear and ignorance of most people. If there is still a free world left, can anyone tell us where?

  7. This is fantastic news! Finally, people who truly understand what is at stake here.
    Praying for a favorable outcome for the people!

  8. The Covid Vaccine is a violation of the Nuremberg charter. I was asked to put my name in the Jury pool for the ICC if trials convenes. mRNA vaccine is not a vaccine in the technical sense. It is putting women sterile. HPV vaccine is killing and disabling people. One person disabled or killed by a vaccine is one too many especially when they do not tell you all the dangers of it..


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