International Men’s Day: learn why it is celebrated

Caracas.- Under the premise of making the health and mentality of men visible, each November 19and the International Men’s Day. In addition, this celebration seeks gender equality. On this date, in some countries different operations are carried out to offer medical services and hold health conferences to detect some diseases that affect men.

According to what has been published in the press and in the records, this date began to be commemorated in 1990, when the researcher Thomas Oaster, director of the Center for Male Studies at the University of Missouri, organized different events around the subject in United States, Australia and Malta.

Then it would be, Jerome Teelucksingh, from the University of the West Indies of Trinidad and Tobago, who determined November 19 as the final date. This day also receives international recognition from the United Nations Organization and the World Health Organizationd.


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“This day is not intended to compete with Women’s Day, but to highlight the importance of men’s physical and mental health and their own masculinity,” he once said. Teelucksingh, reviews the newspaper La Nación de Argentina.

Among the countries that celebrate it with the greatest enthusiasm, the following stand out: United States, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. Well, until now, the International Men’s Day It does not have the same scope or recognition as Women’s Day, neither by the media nor at a commercial level.

With information from the Nation of Argentina

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