International men’s day: why is it celebrated today?

Since 1992, International Men’s Day, also known as Mustache Day, has been celebrated every November 19: why? Credit: Unsplash

Since 1992, the international men’s day every 19 november. In some countries, it is commemorated every March 19 in homage to Saint Joseph. The premise of the ephemeris is make visible the importance of caring for the physical and mental health of men.

The history of international men’s day dates back to 1968, when an American journalist wrote about the supposed lack of balance in the Soviet system because, according to the chronicler called John Harris, “The women’s day was strongly promoted but the same was not done with men, who were relegated as a defect of the communist system,” says the page International Day’s Men.

This claim was made in the early 1990s when the researcher Thomas Oaster, director of the Center for Male Studies at the University of Missouri, organized various events around the subject in United States, Australia and Malta. The initiative only caught on with fervor in Malta, the only country that committed to the celebration.

Finally, Jerome Teelucksingh, from the University of the West Indies of Trinidad and Tobago, determined November 19 as the definitive anniversary. The date was chosen for a completely arbitrary reason: the academic’s father’s birthday. Teelucksingh, on the site that commemorates this celebration, assures that “It is not intended to compete with women’s day, but to highlight the importance of men’s physical and mental health and their own masculinity.”

Currently, the date, better known as the Mustache Day -mustache day- or by the term Movember, seeks more than anything to prevent prostate cancer, testicles and male depression. The call to action invites men to grow their mustaches with the premise of spreading the word.

Consulted by the British newspaper The Independent, the researcher Teelucksingh assures that “the celebrations for International Men’s Day are part of the world revolution of love. The premise is to support men who fight to improve their lives, to heal their hearts, to seek solutions to social problems, for repairing their troubled minds and for breaking stereotypes. ” This year, the theme of the celebration is better health for men and boys.



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