International Workers ‘Day: A unified mechanism for resolving labor disputes in Qatar will soon be in place: Ministry of Labor – minister affirms qatars commitment to protecting workers’ rights

Qatar will soon have a unified mechanism for resolving labor issues and disputes Qatar Ministry of Labor Minister Yusuf bin Muhammad Al Othman Fakhroo. He said the new system would help employees address employment issues. He said he would try to formulate international policies in collaboration with employer representatives.

Qatar is committed to protecting workers’ rights and creating a secure working environment for them. He thanked the workers for being the biggest contributors to Qatar’s development efforts. He also said that Labor Day is a celebration of the working class.

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He stressed the importance of changing labor policy and equal pay so that workers can enter another job without the employer’s permission. Strong measures are being taken to safeguard the health and safety of workers.

Qatar provides free vaccines to all categories of workers. The people and citizens of the country are fully cooperating with the Kovid defense activities. He said the ministry would soon take steps to ensure decent wages and accommodation for the workers.

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