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Internet celebrity “MC sister” (29 years old) suspected of emotional reasons, went to the Wanhua Xining State House alone the night before yesterday (26th) to commit suicide when she fell from the 5th floor and died of her injuries. Jing Fang was reported to the scene and found a bag, and found an A4 paper in it, which read “I’m sorry, I’m leaving now” and other similar suicide notes.

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According to the police investigation, Chen Nv left home at 7 o’clock in the evening. According to her parents, she seemed to be in a bad mood, but she didn’t ask much. Later, she received news that her daughter had fallen from a building. Chen Nv entered the Xining State House alone and brought a small folding stool. She finally fell to the patio on the first floor. She was found by the residents and reported the crime. Unfortunately, she was rushed to Mackay Hospital and died for 1 hour. .

The family members revealed that the daughter did not see any abnormalities recently, but knew that she had been troubled by emotional problems for a long time. She was also suspected of being in a bad mood on the night of the incident and had no objection to the cause of death. The prosecutors checked Chen’s body yesterday (27th) and returned the body. Family members carry out funeral affairs.

The Internet celebrity “MC Sister”, whose real name is Chen Jiajun, has fought in the past, such as “seduce a man” by the F milk hot model Xin Yuri. He was sentenced to 60 days of detention by the Taipei City Court on three charges of blatant insults and was fined 60,000 yuan. In addition, a man surnamed Song played “Pikachu” on the tea street in the East District, and he was angrily suing the other party for 100,000 yuan.

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Chen Nv previously accused her ex-boyfriend of Wang’s wedding shop, Xiaokai, who abandoned her indiscriminately and was also suspected of cheating. As a result, she had a lot of disputes with the wedding shop. Later, the wedding shop could not stand the repeated bombing by Chen Nv. She angered her reputation and repeatedly appeared. On the media page. (Emergency Center Jiang Mengqian/Reported by Taipei)

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Suicide cannot solve the problem, but it leaves the family with immense grief. Please cherish life.

Give yourself another chance

Suicide Prevention and Relief Hotline: 1925 (24 hours)

Lifeline Talking Line: 1995

Teacher Zhang’s special line: 1980


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