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Internet park: 33.86 million subscribers in Q3-2021, a penetration rate of 93.24% (ANRT)

The Internet park in Morocco has 33.86 million subscribers in the third quarter of 2021, bringing the penetration rate to 93.24%, according to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT).

“During this quarter, the Internet park recorded a significant growth, in particular at the level of the mobile and FTTH parks. The Internet park stands at 33.86 million subscribers, which brings the penetration rate at 93.24% “, indicates the ANRT in a communicated on the evolution of Internet and mobile parks.

This park recorded an annual growth of 17.78% (i.e. an increase of 5.1 million subscriptions over one year), specifies the same source, which notes that in this segment, the fiber optic park (FTTH) records respective annual and quarterly increases of 81.91% and 15.37% to reach 330,185 subscribers.

For its part, the mobile Internet fleet reached, during the same period, 31.69 million, an annual increase of 18.41%. The ADSL segment stabilized at 1.6 million subscribers at the end of September 2021 compared to the end of September 2020. More than 43% of accesses have a speed greater than or equal to 10 M / bs.

For its part, the TDD and BLR 1 park was established at the end of September 2021, at 251,164 subscribers, specifies the same source, noting that the fixed telephone network increased by 6.94% to settle. to 2.46 million subscribers (+160,000 subscriptions).

Therefore, the penetration rate stands at 6.77%. Number portability concerned, at the end of September 2021, 930,194 mobile numbers (an increase of 23.29% compared to September 2020).

The same evolution is recorded at the level of ported fixed numbers. Their number increased by 25.42%, over one year, to reach 45,430 at the end of September 2021.


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