Internet shopping: “I want to be reimbursed but the site cannot be reached”

“I placed an order on the Gilardit online store on December 12, 2019. I was delivered on January 8, 2020 but the order did not meet my expectations and I could not find a phone number to reach them. I managed to obtain a withdrawal form that I sent them, on time, by email to the following address: I re-launched them by mail but still nothing. What can I do ? “ asks himself Evelyne.

The answer of Murielle Gasnier, lawyer at the UFC-What to choose

Legally, in the context of remote orders, you have 14 days from receipt of your package – except in special cases – to retract items that do not suit you. If your request was made within the allotted time, and the returned package (Editor’s note: generally at your expense), the company is then required to reimburse you at the latest within 14 days of receipt. After this period, the sums due will be increased.

However, your difficulty here lies in the fact that you have no interlocutor. However, it seems that since December 2019, this company has been the subject of a large number of negative opinions, and its site is not or no longer accessible. If you have not had any feedback from the company, do not hesitate to make a report by email or letter to the Departmental Directorate of Population Protection (Editor’s note: fraud repression service).

Before any order on a website, do not hesitate to check the reliability of the site (Editor’s note: internet users’ opinions, company situation, legal notices, general conditions of sale, secure or unsecured site), in order to avoid any disappointment.

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