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Interview | N. How to get rid of RI characters | Jinu Joseph

Interview | N. How to get rid of RI characters | Jinu Joseph

With the release of the trailer of the movie ‘Bheemante Vazhi’ written by Chemban Vinod and directed by Ashraf Hamsa, the most talked about character was Kosthep. Jinu Joseph, who was only seen in English-speaking high-profile characters, shocked the audience by appearing as a battered countryman named Kos‌top. Jinu Joseph says that the opportunity for Kosothepe came at a time when he wanted to break the image of himself. Jinu Joseph talks about his career and cosmopolitanism, which started in 2007 with Big B and is now on its way to becoming a giant.

When I think of Jinu, I think of high profile characters who speak English and look stylish. But the trailer for The Giant’s Road hints at a completely different character from this one. Is this character a conscious choice made for a change? What was the reaction when director Ashraf Hamza and screenwriter Chemban Vinod approached me for this role?

CEO / NRI characters have always been in the high profile category. So that’s it. I think that image should be broken for a long time. Occasionally there was a suspicion that other characters might do the same. All of that has paved the way for me to get into this character.

When Chemban and Ashraf were also discussing this character, they were thinking about what would happen if I was cast and then called me. Talked to me about the story and character. I also wanted to move away from high profile and do folk characters. So very happily got in the way of the giant.

My method is to do whatever character I get. I think so. I think I have to give my 100 percent for each character I look for and do my best.

Have you ever wondered why only high profile characters are constantly sought after?

I’m someone who has lived outside for a while and has made the necessary trips. The image of me is like that. That seems to be the reason why such high profile characters are sought after.

The name of the character ‘Kostep’ in the path of the giant is very interesting. This is also the character that fills the trailer. The response to the trailer has been overwhelming, with comments such as ‘Kostep will be the scorer’. What about the cosmopolitan?

Kostop is a countryman with a lot of money. Someone who makes comments like ‘what the heck’ no matter what the girl goes through. Kostop is a character who just looks like this. He has no particular job.

He does not need to go to work because he has money at home. Kostope is thinking full time how to harass the locals. Thus one who has no merit for the household and the natives. That’s all there is to say about Kostop.

What is your favorite character you have ever done?

Ivan in the Book of Job.

Ivan Jinu is the most notable character in what he did. A character with a negative touch with special character traits. People still remember that character years later. Memories and experiences of Ivan and the book of Job?

All the characters I do were kind of coming and going only here and there in the movie. But Ivan in the book of Job was not like that. Ivan, who arrived as the brother of the characters of Fahad and Chemban, is present from the beginning to the end of the film. That’s what I have to say first about that character.

Speaking of Ivan, he’s very ugly. A real bandit, ready to do anything. When I heard about Ivan, I remembered the characters of Jose Prakash and TG Ravi in ​​old Malayalam movies.

Ivan in the Book of Job

Although the British left India, the clothes they left behind are still here. Later, those who wore it were filled with the attitudes of a robber and a landlord. That’s what I see in Ivan.

It was a character who could do so much freedom. The entire crew of the film was in Vagamon for two months. It can be said that the whole time was in the book of Job. Ivan is a character who was able to do so much involved.

As you said, most of the characters in the movie are Jinu. However, most of the characters in this film have a decisive role in the story and Jinu’s screen presence in the minds of the audience. Cyril of the CIA, his father at Kerala Cafe and the manager of North 24 Katham are good examples of this. Are these factors taken into account in character selection?

Never. All I care about is doing the roles I get best. That alone has been attempted. In all the films he has done so far, he has been accompanied by great actors. I just stood by their energy and tried to do the best I could. Never think of being ahead of the main characters or overshadowing them.

ACP Anil Madhavan in the fifth round

Many actors talk about the team of playback actors they are most comfortable working with. Does Jinu have any such favorite teams??

Not to mention any team or crew in particular. All the movies I did were accompanied by peers. Whether as a director or as a writer. So all the movies were done comfortably in good freedom. I want to be able to go anywhere and act on anyone’s set.

This is the age of biopics. Ever wanted to portray any famous person or person you have met in your life on screen?

Some of the mannerisms and features of the people you meet in life are often used when it comes to making the characters fit. It can happen consciously or not.

If you are called to be a character in any biopic you will definitely learn and understand about that person. But so far it has not come. Look when it comes.

What are Jinu’s expectations for Bhima’s Way? What do you have to say to the audience?

If you come to the theater expecting a Happy Feel Good movie I can give you one hundred percent guarantee that you will get it through the giant. This is definitely a movie that you can definitely watch at this time which is full of Kovid and other pressures related to it. All you have to do is tell the audience to come, see and enjoy.

New projects?

The Giant’s Way will hit theaters on December 3rd. Amal Neerad – Mammootty team’s Bhishmaparvam is the next movie. Saub and Bhasi are in the picture. He is also in the movie Mike, produced by Johnny Abraham. Anashwara Rajan is the central character in the film. It has a guest role in it.

Costup on the way to the giant

Bhishma Parvam is one of the most eagerly awaited films by the Malayalee audience. No further details about the film have been released. Can you tell us something about Bhishma Parvat and the character?

I will be seen in the film as Mammootty’s brother. That’s all I can say now. Anything more I would have to say goodbye.

We also tell the information released by the film team. Other than that we are not talking about the character or anything else at this point.

Has entered into different roles. How do you assess yourself today for the career stage from 2007 to 2021?

Is exciting. People are also very happy to be called up to do roles that stand out from the regular roles. The desire is to do different characters going forward. I think it’s possible.

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