Interview with Bayer Leverkusen coach Peter Bosz

Problems in Dortmund, success in Leverkusen: “The strange thing about these skeptics is that they only raise their voices when you allow and lose a lot of goals,” says Peter Bosz.
Image: dpa

Bundesliga coach Peter Bosz speaks in a big interview about the demands in Leverkusen, the secret of good football and a trick by Johan Cruyff.

Mr Bosz, you started the season unobtrusively, with three draws and little risk of goals. Most recently you stormed into a top position with spectacular victories. Does the daredevil of the past few weeks show the true character of your team?

There is no unequivocal truth at this point. What the games look like always depends on the opponents. We started with a 0-0 draw at VfL Wolfsburg, who were still unbeaten before this match day, played 1-1 against the top team from Leipzig and 1-1 with strong Stuttgarters. After that I wasn’t as negative as many of the critics, and now I’m not euphoric either. You need two teams for spectacular games, and recently we had opponents like Mönchengladbach, where a wonderful 4-3 is possible.


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