Interview with Ottessa Moshfegh: America is not real

THEttessa Moshfegh is one of the most interesting young voices in American literature. The daughter of an Iranian and a Croatian, born in Boston in 1981, caught the attention of a larger audience in 2015 with the novel “Eileen”.

In 2018, “My year of rest and relaxation” (Liebeskind 2018) was published, a strangely surreal exploration of the inner world of a withdrawn woman.

Her new novel “Death in Her Hands” (from the American by Anke Caroline Burger. Hanser Berlin, 256 pp., 22 €) is again about a peculiar woman and her world of thought, but this time in the form of a metaphysical thriller.

WORLD: “Her name was Magda. Nobody will ever know who murdered them. It was not me. Here is her corpse ”, so the note on the piece of paper that your narrator Vesta finds at the beginning of“ Death in Her Hands ”while walking in the forest. How and where did you find the note?


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