“Intimate Photos” Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck gather in a luxury restaurant

After 17 years of their separation, intimate photos of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were snapped, seemingly confirming weeks of frantic speculation that they are back and renewing their love story that has dominated celebrity media for years.

And the New York Post magazine published pictures from celebrity photographers, in which the two actors appear together while having a meal with Lopez’s family at a luxury restaurant in Malibu, west of Los Angeles, on Sunday.

Representatives for Lopez, 51, declined to comment on Monday, while Affleck’s agents did not respond to a request for comment.

Lopez and “Argo” director Affleck, dubbed “Bennifer”, became celebrity talk 20 years ago in a romance that included their luxury cars and their 6.1-carat pink diamond engagement ring. The two abruptly called off their upcoming marriage in 2003 and separated a few months later.

3 times married

It is noteworthy that the international star was married three times, the first time was to Ojani Noa, in 1997 AD, then to Chris Gad, in 2001 AD, and finally married Marc Anthony in 2004 AD after a love story and gave birth to twins, “Max and Emma” and ended separated in 2011.

After her separation from her husband and the father of her twins, Jennifer Lopez entered into many romantic relationships, the longest of which was the last one with the famous baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, which ended last April, when the duo announced the separation permanently, after a relationship that brought them together for about 4 years.

Famous singer Jennifer Lopez and baseball player Alex Rodriguez

Best friends

“We have recognized that we are better friends and look forward to remaining so. We will continue to work together and support each other in our joint businesses and projects,” they said in a joint statement.

Lopez had announced her engagement to Alex in March 2019 and they had agreed to marry since the beginning of 2020, but problems surrounded the relationship, which led to rumors about the couple’s separation.

Last year, Lopez said they postponed their wedding twice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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