Intoxicated by a cannabis paella in a restaurant that lacked a license in Lanzarote

Up to five people have had to be treated at the Emergency Department of the Doctor José Molina Orosa Hospital, in Arrecife, after feeling unwell after having ingested a paella in a restaurant that was supposedly intoxicated with cannabis.

The patients – who were discharged in 24 hours – tested positive for this substance, which the Police will have to investigate “whether or not it was in the paella, since it is not a food in poor condition,” said Noelia Umpiérrez , director of the Health Area in Lanzarote.

Those affected were part of a group of students in a driving school who decided to go to lunch at a restaurant in the capital of the island. The business owner denies the facts and asked the Local Police to seal the warehouse where they store the food ingredients for Public Health to analyze.

However, in the midst of the investigation to clarify whether the substance was in the paella or not, an inspector of the health area of ​​the island will raise a sanction proposal to the establishment – located on Mancomunidad Avenue, in Arrecife – after having checked that lacked the authorization to offer food.

The director of the driving school says that he ate three paella dishes “because it was very good”, but that when he left the premises he began to “feel dizzy” when he vanished and fell “collapsed to the ground.” Likewise, it discards that some student manipulated the dish, because he ordered it for the rest of the class and when they arrived at the restaurant “the paella was already made and covered with aluminum foil”. In the same way, he says he knows that “the chef is screwed”, because it is a place that they usually go to frequently, and he hopes that the facts will be clarified. .

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