Introducing Dutchie Plus+ Probiotic LPC-37, the newest strain from Germany.

August 3, 2021


Dutch Mill reinforces the leader in the yogurt market Introducing Dutchy Plus+ Probiotic LPC-37, covering gut, immune and mental health.

Dutch Mill launches Dutchy Plus+ Yogurt Cup, using a new strain of probiotic LPC-37 from Germany that helps balance emotional states. happiness level and anxiety level Reduce accumulated stress from working from home Meet the demand for quality food to enhance the health of today’s consumers. reinforcing theYogurt Market Leader By elevating the benefits of yogurt in addition to the excretion. It covers intestinal health, immunity and mental health. Target sales of yogurt Dutchy Plus + at 100 million baht in the second half of the year 2564 this

Ms. Rawiwan Mahakachaporn, Marketing Director of Dutch Mill Group, said that nowadays, “Everyone lives with care, working from home. or study online and unable to go out to do activities to relax outside continued for a long time causing stress to accumulate unconsciously which in addition to having a negative effect on the brain and emotions It also affects the functioning of the body system. The immune system is low and easy to get sick. From the study, it was found that approximately 70% of the immune system in the intestines Therefore, people with digestive and intestinal problems are more prone to diseases such as the common cold. It was also found that The brain and intestines work together, for example, when stressed. The stomach is upset. or when constipation and diarrhea Mood is not good and more than 95% of serotonin, which is a substance that affects emotions. produced in the intestine Therefore, if we are stressed for a long time Serotonin levels may be reduced. This affects our emotional state, both happiness and anxiety levels.

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Therefore, we should take care of intestinal health even more. By eating a variety of useful foods to complete. Especially foods that contain probiotics such as yogurt, curd or cheese are part of helping the intestines work better. The good microorganisms such as probiotics are friendly to the digestive system. which have many different species and one of them is the LPC-37

Dutch Mill has partnered with IFF. and research institutes Daacro GmbH & Co. Hb Germany in the study, research and development until the discovery of the latest strain of probiotic strain LPC-37 proven to help reduce accumulated stress to control emotions better and help you sleep better Put it as an ingredient in yogurt Dutchy Plus.+ New formula with added vitamins B12 that helps maintain the systemnerve and brain And studies show that probiotic microbes can only stay in the gut for two weeks. Therefore, it is important to add probiotics to your body every day to balance the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and intestines.

“Dutchmill has over 60% share of the yogurt cup market. under the index brand with products reaching 4 Brands with a wide variety of probiotic blends. The launch of this new product is another step forward in the yoghurt and probiotics market. which from the covid situation-19 that affect the country’s economic conditions, including the yogurt market Dutch Mill as a Market Leader Therefore, the knowledge of yoghurt and probiotic strains is combined with existing innovations to develop a new yogurt formula. to meet health needs to meet the needs of today’s consumers more They also want to stimulate the yogurt market to grow back as it was or the same as last year. It is expected that the Dutchy Plus + cup yogurt will make approximately 100 million in the second half of the year 2564 this” youRawiwan added,

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Yogurt Cup “Dutchy Plus+LPC-37 haveTwo new flavors: Yuzu orange flavor with orange flakes and pomegranate flavor Earl gray tea with nata de coco, packing size 135 g price 15 baht, available nationwide from 25 Last July, Index Plus + has also prepared and published imagesInfographic with online video to understand the function and benefits of LPC-37 probiotics. Easy to be known through various media, both offline and online.

In addition, those interested can learn more about the benefits and properties of LPC-37 probiotics. at


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