Introduction to the “Al-Jadeed” evening news bulletin for Thursday, 12/8/2022

Excessively keen on the position of the first presidency, the deputies of the movement used the presidential name as a distorted paper, and entered the secret ballot box with poisoned ink only for the sake of political intrigue with the allies, so how about the opponents? score a position.

But this position was devoid of value for both the voter and the voter for it. At that moment, it resembled juggling, a number of deputies put names that varied between Michel Solo and Moawad on the “second individual”, then Moawad Badri Daher before the artificial intelligence of the current officials exploded and distributed clumsy justifications. For what they did, they confirm that in this way they made the white papers equal to the votes of Michel Moawad for the first time, and thus they sent a studied message with open options. From the party, they are Ali Ammar and Hassan Fadlallah, so the news and the photo were distributed as a coordination meeting between the pillars of Mar Mikhael and the meeting “on the standing” in the House of Representatives, which came after Hezbollah’s response to Bassil.

The party deliberately passed this response through media relations, not through a high official or at the level of the General Secretariat, but the content in which Hezbollah addressed Gebran Bassil was not at the level of insults directed by the head of the movement to the Masters of the True Promise.

The party lowered the level of reprimand and drafted a statement implicitly accusing Basil of lying, but he mentioned it like a mother who is kind to her spoiled son. Media relations is very ambiguous and carries a contradiction, asking for correction and in the new information that Basil will visit the patriarchal edifice tomorrow and will put Patriarch Al-Rahi in the atmosphere of the crisis that preceded … and followed the cabinet session.

And he will renew his call for ecclesiastical sponsorship of a Christian-Christian dialogue that proposes a president from the womb of the consensus that may be generated from this dialogue, and the dialogue in his parliamentary branch has returned today to deliberation with the words of Speaker Nabih Berri and his intention to transform next Thursday’s session into a dialogue forum if the presidential session is not possible.

The President of the Council expressed this desire to former US Assistant Secretary of State David Hale, who is conducting an informal reconnaissance tour in Lebanon of a number of leaders and officials.

Hill believed that Lebanon is not hopeless, although he felt some kind of sorrow about the course of the situation. And by praying for the Noble Messenger and wearing the Ihram garment, President Najib Mikati washed away all political sins in the Umrah ceremony that he performed in the morning between Mecca and Medina, addressing his supplications to the Lord, who immediately gave him Saudi newspapers. He wrote through confusion: that Najib Mikati is the head of state of the Republic of Lebanon.

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