Inventory of Chinese professional baseball players who have “excellent qualifications” but “do not meet expectations” in the past 32 years-Secondary Vocational-Baseball

What arrangements do you have during the home epidemic prevention period? In addition to chasing drama, cooking, and playing video games, if you want to take advantage of the rare time you can stay at home to enrich yourself, “reading” is actually a good choice. Studies have pointed out that reading at least 30 minutes a week can make people feel cheerful, especially during the epidemic for a long time at home, it is inevitable to reduce anxiety. Books can not only increase knowledge, but also effectively relieve stress and heal the body and mind.

The following special compilation focuses on the two themes of “Home Sports” and “WFH Practical”, as well as the four major sports enthusiasts, including “Fitness”, “Baseball”, “Basketball” and “Running”. The “Epidemic Prevention Book List” here to read. I usually dodge you who are busy with work and have no time, hurry up and pick up the dust on the bookcase, let’s have a good book marathon!

Don’t play baseball today, let’s “read” the selection of baseball

Zhang Youjin / Qiguang Publishing

The first Suzuki Ichiro biography book and wisdom quotation in Taiwan’s book market in 10 years. It fully presents the “Langshen Legend” in the 28 years of professional baseball in the United States and Japan. It will show you the baseball genius, the king of percussion, and the paragon of aesthetic skills. How “Ichiro Whirlwind” and “Langshen Legend” swept the United States and Japan by storm, and more deeply explored the human power of a generation of legendary stars. If you have ever watched Suzuki Ichiro match in front of the TV and cheered, and your eyes were red when you learned that he was retired, reading this book will bring you the same touch! The book includes 16 precious color photos + Ichiro Suzuki’s chronology of events, record awards, and career statistics in the U.S. and Japan, highlighting the important moments of a generation of legendary players on and off the field.

Related book excerpts:

“Genius Human Force, Suzuki Ichiro: 51 Wisdom of Life Beyond Wild Balls” A spectacle that can only be seen in the movie “Star Wars”-The Throw

“Genius Human Power, Suzuki Ichiro: 51 Wisdom of Life Beyond Wild Balls” How does “True Craftsman” Shinyi Tsuboda create exclusive gloves that satisfy Ichiro?

Zhuo Zijie / Brewing Publishing Publishing

The most special and unforgettable year in the history of professional sports, a complete review of the big and small events in the global baseball world in 2020, which is suffering from the epidemic. This book is the sports literature you must collect if you love baseball! Zhuo Zijie, a well-known baseball writer/author of Gao Guohui’s biography, observes the crisis and contingency strategies from the American professional baseball to the Chinese professional baseball, and takes you in-depth discussion and analysis of key issues.

Related book excerpts:

“Side Effects of the Epidemic: Professional Baseball under the New Coronary Pneumonia”-How does professional baseball view Olympic baseball in the future?

“Side Effects of the Epidemic: Professional Baseball under the New Coronary Pneumonia”-From the media, a hundred schools of thought contend for the social responsibility of sports creation

By Travis Sawchik and Ben Lindbergh / Fortress Culture

Authors Lin Bai and Sochik lead readers to explore the post-Magic Ball era. In addition to trying to make smarter decisions than their opponents in the draft and trading markets, how the most advanced thinking teams begin to try to develop better than other teams The player development system.

“MVP Maker” not only outlines the blueprint and possible outlook of future baseball, but also reveals the enlightenment beyond the field of baseball: success often does not come from directly introducing elites and top talents from outside, but from developing unfinished potential and maximizing oneself. ability. The concepts of teaching and talent cultivation highlighted in this book not only have revolutionary conflicts and influences on professional sports, but are also deeply inspiring for the general business world and management fields.

Related book excerpts:

“MVP Maker”-a team culture that only cares about results?How astronauts show their best and worst

“MVP Maker”-Betterball after Moneyball! “Player development” is the real battlefield

“MVP Maker” ─ Bottom-up flying ball revolution: “The ball hits the ground, no long hits!”

By Zeng Wencheng / Haodu Publishing

“These people are not professional baseball stars, nor are they well-known public figures. They are just ordinary people, but their baseball stories are extremely extraordinary in my opinion. Listening to their stories can feel powerful vitality.”──Zeng Wencheng

  • [Story of the wild ball man]Find the wild ball man with Zeng Gong! These people are not necessarily players, but their lives seem to be inseparable from baseball…
  • [Doesitmeanthatyoucanonlyplaybaseballifyoulikebaseball?】Manypeoplecan’tdreamofbaseballbythemselvesbuttheyhavegivengreathelptobaseballplayersinbaseball-relatedmattersandbecauseofthesatisfactionandhappinessofbaseball
  • [What do you love baseball? Why is baseball so important to them? ]Coaches, fans, volunteers, bloggers, artists, enthusiasts… Regardless of occupation or status, they are dedicated to baseball. They are full of moving and passionate baseball people and baseball affairs!

Related book excerpts:

“Wild Ball. Life: A Dream Chaser with No Other “Ball”” Another wild life-How did the foster father Hideo Matsui change Chen Dafeng’s life?

“Wild Ball.Life: A Dream Catcher with No Other “Ball” “Missing My Lion Brothers-It’s a pity that the best pitcher in the history of vocational education is Guo Jinxing

Authored by Cao Jinhui, Uncle Wen Sheng’s text compilation / Fortress Culture Publishing

Former American star Cao Jinhui’s deepest and most unreserved inner monologue, made public for the first time! Some people say that he is the most talented pitcher in Taiwan, and some people say that he is the biggest problem figure in Taiwan’s professional baseball industry. However, he is actually just the son of Matsara who loves baseball. He is Cao Jinhui. He will tell you his story.

Related book excerpts:

“After the Eclipse: Perseverance, No Regrets, Cao Jinhui’s True Confession”-I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry for baseball

“After the Eclipse: Perseverance, No Regrets, Cao Jinhui’s True Confession”-An incredible journey back to the Major League

By Peng Zhengmin / Lianjing Publishing Company

“Proving Yourself: Peng Zhengmin” starts from Peng Zhengmin’s own perspective and looks back on the life landscape on the baseball road for 32 years. From a naughty boy who didn’t know what “baseball” is, he slowly grew to become the mainstay of the team. Peng Zhengmin has always been humble and self-sufficient to count his growth footprints. I just hope that through “Proving Yourself: Peng Zhengmin”, I will share my stories and experiences with readers and baseball people who have loved this sport for generations, and burn our baseball soul.

Related book excerpts:

“Prove Yourself: Peng Zhengmin”-The Jogging Elephant

“Proving Yourself: Peng Zhengmin”─ I don’t want to mention the transformer box incident that will be chased for life

By Xu Haoyi and Zhou Siqi / World Culture

Psychology×sports spirit cross-domain winning mentality, realize your wants and desires!

Xu Haoyi × Zhou Siqi ➢ ➢ First see cross-domain gold combination
Psychology × Sportsmanship ➢ The most powerful mental science × the most effective method of learning mentality

“In this book, we are not ourselves. We are “Contestant No. 16” and “Psychologist”, and we will accompany everyone to explore the mystery of mental training.”

Related book excerpts:

“Mental Training: 20 Lessons to Successfully Achieve Your Goals”, what you want, can’t be too abstract! Take a look at Otani Shohei’s “Precision Target Method”

“Mind Training: 20 Lessons to Successfully Achieve Goals” Ichiro Suzuki: Facing the low tide, it is actually a series of “trial and error” processes

Bullfighting aside, basketball fans must accept classics

LaurentLarsenby / Fortress Culture Publishing

Life is legendary, death is legendary, the eternal spirit of Mamba! This book is written by well-known sports writer Luo Lun. Larsenby’s sword, go deep into the great player that can never be ignored in NBA history-Kobe. Brian, with Kobe’s most hated nickname “SHOWBOAT” as the theme of the whole book, demonstrates that Kobe has been trying to prove himself to the world, that kind of “Love me or Hate me” philosophy. In addition, the book uses a very long length to tell the story of Kobe’s family, his life experience from his birth, the process of breaking with his parents, the marriage relationship, and even the sensational suspected sexual assault case. To understand Kobe. Bryan’s career path, this is a good book you must not miss.

Related book excerpts:

“Born To Be Crazy: Kobe. “Brian Biography” ─ Brian in high school can go crazy with professional star Stockhaus in heads-up duels?

“Born To Be Crazy: Kobe.”Brian’s Biography” ─ soaring points feast, the significance of Brian’s single-game score of 81 points

By Derek Rose and Sam Smith/Fort Culture Publishing

Written by the legendary star Derek Rose himself, in “Immortal Rose”, he teamed up with the best-selling author Sam Smith to write another side of his unknown, lead us to follow his text and understand how he was sinister in the south of Chicago He grew strong in his life, until he returned from the legendary resurrection of the Minnesota Timberwolves. He wrote his extraordinary life through words, so that everyone could see: “The rose will bloom again!”

Related book excerpts:

“Immortal Rose: Derek Rose”-Prove yourself!Derrick Rose now understands how to influence the game in his own way

“Immortal Rose: Derek Rose” ─ 2010-11 the real team of the Chicago Bulls should be like this

“Undead Rose: Derek Rose”-The last season before leaving the Bulls was full of rifts in the team

By Rob McClanaghan / Dialect Culture

This book is the crystallization of the wisdom of McLanahan as a trainer for more than ten years. It boldly reveals the inside story of the NBA and the moving story of the star breaking away from the predicament and reaching the peak. In addition, he also talked about his one-on-one training process with Uranus: helping them overcome weaknesses, improve nutrition, treat injuries, build self-confidence, and get a little breath away from the spotlight. From the wonderful stories of McLanahan, you can not only understand the NBA in a comprehensive way, but also get inspiration in career success, interpersonal relationships, leadership and other aspects!

Related book excerpts:

“Training the Kings to Dominate the NBA”-Derrick Rose, a rose blooming again

“Training for the Kings to Rule the NBA”-Nothing can stop the founders of the Warriors dynasty between them and independent training

By Roy Cheng / Published by Wanli Organization

In addition to the collection of nearly 70 wonderful player paintings, this book also includes memorial texts, ranging from Isiah Thomas to Michael Jordan, and even stars such as Allen Iverson, Vince Carter, T-Mac, GDP, Yao Ming, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, LeBorn James, and DeMar DeRozan, Stephen Curry, Jimmy Butler… Of course, there is also Kobe Bryant who will leave us forever.

This is more than just an album of stars. It also outlines the history of professional basketball and contains precious memories of you and me growing up with basketball. After reading this book, you can wake up the immortal soul in your heart.

Related book excerpts:

“The Soul of the Ball: The Stars of American Basketball”-Watch Parker in good times, Duncan in adversity, and Manu in despair.

“The Soul of the Ball: The Stars of American Basketball” — Derrick Rose gives it all

For runners: read thousands of books even if you travel thousands of miles

Huang Chonghua Written by Mo/Ke Culture Publishing

This book is a brilliant record of Huang Chonghua’s experiences through various periods of his interest in running, runners, coaches, and event hosting. Among them, the excitement of the actual situation of the game is no less than that of Hakone Post Broadcast; the interesting and exaggerated training process is like a black humor novel; the story of sincere interaction with the runners is warm and touching.

The book not only explores his mentality of running training, his strategy for competition, and his suggestions for citizen runners. More importantly, these experiences are like a microcosm of the long-distance running world in Taiwan. They contain the wonderful details of Taiwan’s many “disappeared” classic road races and national-level races. It makes you feel like you are on the track and watching Huang Chonghua scream, Run to the finish line with all your strength!

Related book excerpts:

“Ten Thousand Days of Endless Running: Local Talent Running Coach Huang Chonghua and His 31 Years in Running World” Huang Chonghua: “Take off his running shoes, I still keep racing in my heart, and never stop.”

“Ten Thousand Days of Endless Running: Local Running Coach Huang Chonghua and His 31 Years of Running World” Lei Lisha’s full-marathon break three training plan

By Osako Suguru / Published by The Times

“The things that can only be discovered after running and worrying. “Exposing the record holder for the Japanese marathon and the fastest marathon runner in Asia, Dao Jie, how to learn how to talk to himself and how to deal with external disturbances from external noises and entanglements of physical and psychological conflicts and conflicts. A great way to make yourself stronger inside.

The articles in the book are simple and easy to understand. Among them, the ideas of top athletes and their views on marathon track and field competitions provide a 100% practical inspiration and tips for ordinary citizens. This is a must-read book for runners and readers before participating in the marathon and the Tokyo Olympics.

Related book excerpts:

“The things that can only be discovered after running and worrying. ​​”Da Zhijie: “To be able to complete the practice and stand on the starting line is already a victory for me!”

“The things that can only be discovered after running and worrying. ​​”Da Zhijie: “Keep a firm will, and people will gradually change.”

By Xu Lijie (Jay) / Yixin Culture Publishing

Taiwan runners’ most resonant “Jay’s running notes“The first book is for you who want to run happily and want to break your PB! Running is not just a sport, it is a life. How to strike a balance between work, family, interests, and self? How to stick to the boring practice day after day? Jay’s passionate, heart-warming, and accidentally humorous text will give you strength!

Related book excerpts:

“Jay’s Running Notes: The Scientific Training and Life Philosophy That Silicon Valley Engineers Inspire Ten Thousands of People” I did it my way

“Jay’s Running Notes: Scientific Training and Life Philosophy That Silicon Valley Engineers Inspire Tens of Thousands of People” No matter how good the gene is, no effort is zero

Practice like this at home!Home sports must read

Catalina.Brinkman, published by Shang Zhou

If you want to strengthen your body’s power function and exercise your abdomen, legs, and buttocks, you don’t know how to do it most effectively? Want to use a professional and efficient method to train the ideal curve in your mind? This book shares 50 sets of timetables X 50 exercises X 6 sets of warm-ups X 5 sets of stretching. No extra props are needed. Using font weight can improve muscle endurance and improve cardiopulmonary function, so that you can burn fat anytime and anywhere at home, and practice well. Abdomen, legs, buttocks make your body fit, plus points for posture and stamina!

Related book excerpts:

“50 Groups of Fitness Exercises at Home Abdomen, Legs and Hip Project” to get rid of the big belly! 11 core and abdominal training

“50 Groups of Fitness Exercises at Home Abdomen, Legs and Hip Plan” Strengthen your physical fitness! 8 strokes endurance training

Shang Zhou Publishing

Don’t know what to practice? Don’t know how to make a plan that suits you? Don’t know how to achieve the goal you want to pursue? This book shares 50 sets of timetables + 60 movements + 12 stretching exercises, which will help you strengthen your body, train your muscles quickly and effectively, and make your body more fit! Specially provide training schedules for strengthening muscles for leisure sports. If you are a fan of running, golf, swimming, cycling, tennis, triathlon and other sports, this book is a must-read!

Related book excerpts:

“50 Groups of Fitness Programs at Home” can be easily practiced at home! 10 strokes for leg training

“50 Groups of Fitness Programs at Home” can be easily practiced at home! 12 core training

Krista Stryker (Krista Stryker) / Mork Culture Publishing

“Twelve Minutes of Barehand Efficient Fitness Training” is suitable for men and women, former athletes and new athletes, experienced athletes and “non-athletes”, for anyone who wants to get stronger and start a healthier life. Every day you only need to set aside a few minutes to complete the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with the author, give up the excuse, learn to use your own weight and some basic and portable equipment, you can perform short but incredibly effective exercises.

Related book excerpts:

“Twelve Minutes of Barehand Efficient Fitness Training” Bobby Jump: Why is it the exercise you need most

“Twelve Minutes of Barehand Efficient Fitness Training” strengthens the lower body! 9-stroke enhanced training

Learn to stretch and relax, WFH is not afraid of “knocking” all over the body

Handsome Ishigaki / Dialect Culture Publishing

The Japanese chiropractic authority and Chiropractic authority Ishigaki handsome, combined with the myofascial structure of human anatomy, and the meridian acupoint theory of Chinese medicine, draws a “body pain map” that runs through the body’s 6 major physiological connection systems: taking the affected part as the “starting point”, Follow the “paths” of body fluids (such as blood), meridians, and acupuncture points, pass the “road signs” such as bones, muscles, and fascia, and take you to the “destination” (trigger point) to find out the real cause! In other words, as long as you follow the “pictures” in this book, you can quickly catch the trigger points, apply appropriate relief methods, and effectively improve the pain.

This book fully discloses the “72 expert massage techniques”, allowing you to directly target the “trigger points” of each painful area and perform massage treatments of different intensities to quickly relieve the body’s soreness, numbness, tension and other burdens, and then thoroughly regulate the body state , Is a complete book of pain self-treatment necessary for home health care!

Related book excerpts:

“Myofascial ‧ Meridian Points‧ Trigger Points, Symptomatic Hand Therapy and Physical Pain Map Book” Tennis presses the iliopsoas muscle to relieve hip pain

“Myofascial ‧ Meridian Acupoints‧ Trigger Points, A Complete Map of Symptomatic Hand Therapy for Body Pain” Pressing the back palm on the thigh, the knee pain is less than half

By Amanda Oswald / Published by United Economic Publishing Company

If you suffer from chronic pain, this is the book you need most! The book provides a series of self-help exercises, stretching and myofascial exercises. These exercises are simple and effective. You can adjust them according to your pain, softness and mobility to relax your body’s tightness. Suitable for runners, therapists, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, etc.! An essential self-help guide for the treatment of chronic pain based on relaxing the fascia.

Related book excerpts:

The small movements and movements that are beneficial to the fascia when working in “The Complete Book of Fascia Relaxation and Repair”

“The Complete Book of Fascia Relaxation and Repair” uses “fascia stretching” to say goodbye to annoying knee pain

Do not look professional!Fitness people madly push

Dan.John (Dan John) / Facebook Publishing

Dan. John is a well-known strength and fitness coach in the United States. Not only is he famous for his impressive physical performance, his long-term implementation of “simple and effective” training methods has also deeply influenced the current fitness circle and many celebrities in the training industry, such as functional training. Expert Mike. Poroy. The content of this book not only leads readers to re-examine the nature of training, but also broadens the breadth of training, from practical skills, timetables, diet control, to the establishment of aspirations, life and goals.

Related book excerpts:

“Legendary Coach Dan John’s Golden Rule of Muscle Strength and Fitness Training” keeps the secret of long-term training

Ten time-honored suggestions for “Legendary Coach Dan John’s Golden Rule of Muscle Strength and Fitness Training”

Michael.Matthews / Caishi Culture Publishing

Strongly recommended by the authors of “Bible for Muscle Strength Training” and “Atomic Habits”, best-selling worldwide, occupying the US Amazon rankings for more than ten years, top-notch coaches and bodybuilders have a classic exercise classic! This book will decipher the reason why you have worked hard for a long time but you have no growth in your body. It will provide scientific advice on diet and training, and use a systematic training menu to hit the core of effective exercise!

Related book excerpts:

Ten Muscle Myths of “America’s No. 1 Fitness Strongman, Scientific Workout Book”

The Three Laws of Fast Muscle Gain in “The Number One Fitness Man in America, A Complete Book of Scientific Exercise”

“America’s No. 1 Fitness Strongman, A Complete Book of Scientific Exercise” Nutrition Guide Before and After Retraining

He Li’an / Yuanliu Publishing

Muscle training is not the patent of competitive athletes, nor is it an optional leisure hobby; Muscle training is the best way for modern people to maintain lifelong health and strength. Sports science expert Dr. He Li’an, together with his 70-year-old parents, witnessed it personally.

This book rebuilds the public’s correct concept of fitness and anti-aging from the viewpoint of sports science, and explains in detail the changes in muscle strength and physical fitness faced by the aging process from both scientific principles and technical operations, and proposes what is truly effective anti-aging training. It is suitable for all people who want to engage in muscle training, including beginners, people who have started training when they are young, and want to continue to middle-aged and elderly, people who want to start training at the middle-aged stage, and professional instructors to read.

Related book excerpts:

“Anti-aging, you need heavy weight training” The best action to improve core stability-traditional hard lift

“Anti-aging, you need heavy weight training” Why do you need “maximum strength training”?

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