Invest in real estate with a crowdfunding platform

Internet platforms offer individuals the opportunity to finance construction or renovation projects with crowdfunding. If the profitability is often high, it is a risky investment.

The expression “crowdfunding” literally means “crowdfunding”, but it is usually translated as “crowdfunding”. This technique consists of calling on private contributors, through specialized internet platforms, to collectively finance projects in the economic, cultural or social sectors. This alternative method of financing can take the form of a donation with or without consideration, a loan with or without interest, or even an investment in the capital of a company. The loan is by far the most widespread form (1.58 billion euros collected in 2021), the gift coming in second place (196.8 million in 2021) and the investment in capital bringing up the rear (103, 5 million in 2021).

Participatory and efficient

This savings solution is attracting more and more French people. In 2021, they invested 1.88 billion on crowdfunding platforms, and the overall crowdfunding assets now exceed 5 billion…

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