Invest in your professional future

A quality education is the best investment that anyone should make and take into account, especially in a world where tecology and the changing business model needs professionals with knowledge and tools that allow them to adapt to any situation.

Therefore, in the face of the crisis that the world is going through, Insurgent Universitys (UIN) has generated important changes in its educational and teaching model so that people have a better preparation, thus using programs, tools Y platforms with top technology, as well as highly trained teachers and tutors on the subject of distance education.

Educational evolution

As part of its adjustment to the situation that the pandemic has left in recent years, UIN has opted for the educational transformation. The result of them are their New Online UIN Degrees, which provide students with a teaching alternative to face the great challenges of the future.

To give more people the opportunity to invest in their future and face the new challenges demanded by today’s world, UIN has worked to give students accessible scholarships from the beginning of their career, thus providing them with a greater impulse from the beginning and can enjoy support real economic.

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The kind of frozen scholarships what UIN It offers great support that allows all students to successfully complete their degree and its structure is very simple: In the first two cycles the student receives significant help, and from the third cycle, the scholarship that is awarded, in addition to being versatile, it is for your entire stay at the university.

The greatest commitment of UIN is to prepare its students at the highest level, so one of its primary tasks is to motivate them to meet their goals and turn them into quality professionals.

In addition to offering a wide educational offer ranging from high school to doctorate, UIN is within the ranking of the 100 best universities to study in Mexico, Reader’s Digest and not only that, it is one of the few institutions that has the support of the programs SEP, ONE e IPN.


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