Investigate alert for possible attack in Argentina at the triple border

This product for the manufacture of explosives, he warned, was entered into the national territory by “a person” from the Republic of Paraguay.

Among the information that the anonymous gave was the final role that ammonium nitrate would have: “The possible target of that explosive would be the Jewish community.”

According to reports, the accused is a man, whose alias would be known, and he tried with the material from the city of Encarnación, in Paraguay, to Posadas, Misiones.

“The Argentine Chancellery reported this situation to Ministry of Security of the Nation, which informed the General Directorate of International Coordination of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA), which is carrying out various criminal intelligence tasks in order to identify the aforementioned person, “they revealed.

In turn, the staff of the Antiterrorist Investigation Unit of that security force consulted with the intervening magistrate of Federal Court No. 6.

After which, it was decided “to inform the four Federal Police and Security Forces, the General Directorate of Customs and the National Directorate of Migration, aware of the possible attempt to enter the person in question.”

The Ministry of Security and the Antiterrorist Investigation Unit Department reported on the data obtained to the federal prosecutor Eduardo Taiano and the federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti, in charge of the Federal Court 6.

Subsequently, the prosecutor and the judge maintained communications with the AFIP and the National Directorate of Migrations, and requested details from the Foreign Ministry regarding the message received.

Faced with this situation, the president of DAIA, Jorge KnoblovitsHe assured that the entity “was already informed and had knowledge” of the fact and remarked that the buildings of this institution are “under custody.”

“We ensure the safety of the Jewish community and everything it receives is sweeping the information all the time and distributes it to whom it belongs,” he said in a dialogue with the DataClave medium.

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