Investigation into Baldwin’s fatal shooting focuses on the weapon

Alec Baldwin. / R. C.

a Police questioned the actor who cooperated voluntarily, but has not filed charges against him


The police investigation into the fatal shot fired with a blank pistol wielded by Alec Baldwin during a shoot focuses on the specialist in charge of the weapon and the assistant director who handed it to the actor. Director of photography Halyna Hutchins, 42, was hit in the chest and died Thursday in New Mexico, while director Joel Souza, 48, who was behind her and was injured is “devastated” by the loss of your friend and colleague

Police questioned Baldwin, who voluntarily cooperated, but has not pressed charges against him. The pistol, which was supposed to have a blank cartridge, loaded a real cartridge according to the affidavit filed by the sheriff’s office to obtain a search warrant, according to local media. The affidavit claims that Assistant Principal Dave Halls, identified as the man who handed the gun to Baldwin, yelled “cold weapon” as he did so. It is the usual language of the film industry to indicate that a gun only has one bullet. The court document, obtained by AFP, says Halls did not know the gun was loaded.

The Police focus on the exact sequence of events that allowed live ammunition to be introduced on the set of ‘Rust’, a western set in the 19th century. In the phone call to emergencies after the shooting, you could hear the shock and anger that was felt on the set. “There are two people who were accidentally shot with a blank pistol; we need help immediately, ”says the person calling the police officer.

“Was it loaded with a real bullet?” Asks the operator. “No … I can’t tell you,” responds the caller. “This son of a bitch is supposed to check guns, he’s responsible for what happens on set,” he says.


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