Investigators of Loiret on the track of the "hand cutter" and his accomplices

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Has the Loiret "hand cutter" been caught? More than a month after the double murder of a retiree, found hit to death and amputated post-mortem, and a nurse in Châlette-sur-Loing (Loiret), the investigation accelerated suddenly Wednesday, December 3 in the morning with the placement in custody of eight suspects. The operations were carried out at dawn at Montargis, at Pannes and at Châlette-sur-Loing by the gendarmes of the Orléans research section, who acted on letters rogatory from two examining magistrates.

Contacted, the prosecutor of the Republic of Orleans, Nicolas Bessone, confirmed the arrests but did not wish to speak more. Sources close to the survey, these guards, surprising by the number, were allowed, including a significant work of genetic analysis and technical operations.

The mobile remains nebulous

Among the eight suspects are several women, including a mother who lived a few hundred meters from the home of Jacques Samson, the retired railway worker killed. Some are members of the same family. "They know each other but come from different backgrounds," says a close investigative. Investigators are hopeful to confuse the alleged killer (s) among them.

Crime villainous? Revenge ? The motive for this double murder remains unknown. As well as the reasons why Jacques Samson's hands, which can not be found, have been severed. The only certainty: it is indeed in the octogenarian, in Châlette, that the author or authors introduce the night of 20 to 21 October at first.

"Coco", as he is nicknamed, lives alone in his house since the death of his wife seven years ago with leukemia. The man is punched in the face until death. His body is found wrapped in sheets on his bed, hands less. The house of this modest pensioner was searched but nothing is missing. Not even his televisions, only valuables …

A collateral victim?

According to the scenario reconstituted by the gendarmes, it is there that the murderer (s) would have come face to face with Karine Foucher. The 42-year-old nurse administers three times a day insulin injections to Jacques Samson, who has diabetes. It must also go to 6 am on Monday morning.

Is the forty-year-old a collateral victim? Did she attend a scene she should not have seen? A pet and a brooch belonging to him are found at the home of Jacques Samson. But his body is found lying along a road in Pannes, a town located two kilometers from Chalette in the late morning.

Karine Foucher presents wounds to the neck, face and thorax caused by a stab. She was tied up by an electric cable. This mother of two would have been transported dying in her 4 x 4 Tiguan, before the vehicle was abandoned on a parking lot nearby. Traces of blood are raised in the cockpit. By exploiting the surveillance cameras, the gendarmes saw this morning at least one suspect silhouette, covered with a hood, near the 4 x 4.

"I need to know"

"I hope the killer is among the eight arrested and especially that the suspects will speak and explain, says Jeanine Samson, the sister of" Coco ". I need to understand why they did all this? There are still many questions that I do not have the answer: my brother has suffered? Where are his hands? Why did they finish, nurse? How did the aggression take place? I know it's going to be hard for me to hear some things, but I need to know. "

According to the retiree, the gendarmes of the research section of Orleans called regularly since the crimes to appeal to his memory. "They asked me if I remembered anything, if I had any details about Coco. There were regular investigators in his house. The suspects' custody can last until Friday. Before possible indictments for "aggravated murders by the circumstance of concomitant crimes and damage to the physical integrity of a corpse".


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