Invima issues health alert for enhancer that was fraudulent

The topic of male enhancers is literally getting out of hand, since they are known more cases of fraudulent products that put health at risk of the Colombians.

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And it is that this Thursday, December 1, the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) pulled out a health alert for a product called ‘Black & White – dog with dog’.

The case, account the entityIt is linked to the marketing of a fraudulent product.

This is the message from Invima:

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Invima issues health alert for fraudulent enhancer

The matter is serious, because the supposed enhancer puts on its packaging and labels the Sanitary Registry number SD2012-000247 that is not assigned to any product.

And it is that Invima points out that the product, not having a sanitary registry, its commercialization in Colombia is illegal.

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When remembering another case of alleged enhancers, it was clarified that the company Laboratorios Naturser SAS is not certified nor does it appear registered under any role in the Invima health records.

Thus, it manufactures fraudulent products that do not offer guarantees of quality, safety and efficacy, “representing a risk to the health of consumers.”

The worst is its actual content is unknowntraceability, storage and transport conditions.

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