iOS 14.3: Apps with custom icons no longer launch Shortcuts

Those who personalize application icons on iOS 14 know: the experience is mixed. The icons are modified with the Apple Shortcuts application and it is launched each time the application is opened. This adds a delay each time. This will be history with iOS 14.3.

With iOS 14.3 beta 2, it is possible to have personalized icons without having the Shortcuts application which is launched each time. Apple has modified the behavior for the application with the custom icon to open “normally”. On the other hand, the user is entitled to an important banner which appears on the upper part of the screen for a few moments. It indicates the name of the application and a check mark.

So Apple listened to users who complained with the brief opening of the Shortcuts app on apps with custom icons. But is there a real interest in putting a banner at the top of the screen at each launch? Who knows, maybe will make one more change by the final version of iOS 14.3.

iOS 14.3 is currently in beta for public developers and testers. Apple is not yet giving a release date. An arrival in December is however possible.

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