iOS 14: How to Change the Default Music App

From d’iOS 14.5, Apple allows you to set a default music player / service other than Apple Music. In the spirit of what has been done previously for Safari and for Mail. Currently, if you request a song from Siri, by default it will try to play it with Music. Otherwise, you have to specify each time with which other app you want to listen to it, which becomes annoying with force

With iOS 14.5, Siri asks you which app to use by default. This done, it will automatically fall back on this app for subsequent requests. However, beta requires, all is not yet square in this operation …

How to set the default app

Tell Siri ” Play xxxx », A panel will open and list the apps installed on your iPhone (or iPad). Touch the app or say its name and Siri will remember that choice for other times.

In this list of suggestions, there are also apps Books and Podcasts for their audio content. On the other hand, no trace of Tidal, Amazon Music or Quobuz who have not yet opened up to Siri. We have Spotify, Deezer and YouTube Music, however.

And that’s it, there is nothing else to do. It is the list of shortcomings and dysfunctions that is longer at this stage in the development of this function. First, there is no setting to make this change manually, as is the case for replacing Mail and Safari, or to change it later.

Then Siri sometimes loses the memory of that choice and offers you the list again. Or, after having designated the app, it will send you to download it from the App Store when it is already on your device and you are perfectly identified on it.

On some occasions, we feel that the brushes are tangled since the playback control window briefly displays the logos of two services for the same content.

We will have the opportunity to update this article over the evolutions in the beta of 14.5, until its final version.


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