iOS 15.4 Beta rolls out Face ID update to support unlocking while wearing a mask

Although the official version of iOS 15.3 has just been launched, Apple has launched the first beta version for the next version of iOS 15.4. One of the new features is that users can still authenticate their identity with Face ID when wearing a mask. To use this feature, the user needs to reset and scan the facial features and select the “use Face ID with a mask” option.

On the Face ID setting page of iOS 15.4 Beta, a new option “Use Face ID with a Mask” is added. Click inside to start setting. The system will require the user to temporarily remove the mask, and then follow the instructions to rescan the facial features, and the system will compare the facial features of the user previously registered with Face ID to ensure that the same person is scanned twice. After completing the scan, confirm that the “Use Face ID with a Mask” function is turned on and it is complete and ready to use.

Although it has been nearly two years since the outbreak of the epidemic, and some countries have begun to relax epidemic prevention restrictions, the relevant authorities still recommend or even mandate that people wear masks. Face ID of iOS 14.5 supports the use of masks, which is good news for users. It is pointed out that this new feature is only compatible with iPhone 12 or above models, and the official launch date of iOS 14.5 has not yet been announced.


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